Financial Resolutions! How To Get Finances In A Good Place & Improve Your Financial Well-Being 2022

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Being in debt can feel like the loneliest place and like you have no where to turn, but we're going to be stripping it right back and talking about how to get your finances in a really good and positive place and improve your financial well-being when things feel impossible.

You are not hopeless, there is hope and watching this video is the first step to helping your financial future, getting out of debt and changing your life to a place when you don't have to worry about money.

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💬 Comments on the video

this video is spot on! I am moving into my van this year to travel and my goal for this year is to really empower myself to invest in people and experiences and not things. Thank you for this amazing video! I just found your channel and I love it! Love and blessings to you!

Author — Margie's Van Mori


I have been in debt and since getting out of it, it makes me plan ahead of the things I want and it makes me think if I really want it or not. So I save for the things I want now and that has taught me patience but I appreciate the item more.

Author — sunflower 77


This video has been really encouraging to helping me get back on track. Thank you 💖

Author — The Relapsed Minimalist


I heard somewhere that it's a bad idea going to a debt consolidation company as they can drag your debt repayments out for longer than needed. I'm guessing once you have done your budget and cut out all your bad spending habits you can hit your debt hard through a debt snowball method. Good luck everyone and great advice Lara 🙂

Author — Char W


Great video! My biggest expense is my car. Even though I am trying to stop using credit my car always has problems and I have no savings. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I can't afford to save for emergency fund at minute because I'm on disability (can't work or do side hustles) and I'm paying off 3 loans and a credit card. 😬

Author — Sarah


Sensible advice for people to digest. Thank you so much. I pay cash for everything and I do not use credit or keep accounts.

Author — Diane James


Love your videos. I am 21 and I want to start investing x

Author — Lauren Rogers


Someone wanting to help people with money issues is a saint as it's a huge stress and feels so shameful for not being able to manage own money. Currently become unemployed and feels impossible to get out of debt and worried I won't get a good job

Author — Jodie Whitham


Good video for helping people with their debt

Author — Caroline Gray


As you said being in debt best to get it sorted now and tell people and come to a arrangement

Author — Caroline Gray


When you make a plan with the company you have debt with, they actually have to accept whatever payment you can offer, even if it's less than the minimum payments. If they refuse your e.g. £1, they open themselves up to having to write off the debt completely!

Author — Katherine Lenthall


Just searched 'side hustle' and nothing comes up. What should I be searching in your chanel?

Author — Admin2020