Gravitas: Governments move to end Big Tech's free run

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From fines to guidelines, governments are moving to end Big Tech's unregulated run. How will this rivalry shape our society? Will Big Tech yield to government pressure?

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💬 Comments on the video

Before banning Twitter, punish them with hefty fines.

Author — JANA K


I appreciate this report. Good for India and France. Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple; run by arrogant irresponsible, and unaccountable snobs.

Author — Wallace Liechty


France did a great job on putting a hefty fine on Google..



Guess they learned from China. Ignore the rules then cry foul when called out.

Author — JDT SB


Thank you India and much love from the states :)

Author — Matt O


The new East India company.. If we all don't get together (government and opposition) we can soon end up in digital colonialism.

Author — I t


I'm glad govts are realising this big tech monopoly and their ways. We need more rules and laws on intangible items and the virtual world. Also, more and more regulators who knows the platform, the whole web inside out.

Author — Megha Singh


All democracies should come together and create a platform where everyone can share their opinions.



It’s no longer TWITTER... it’s now a TWEAKER..!!!

Author — Uttam D Choudhury


"You can't replace cops with vigilantes". The woke mob in the US would disagree with you.

Author — Bad End Happy


Govt should start with fine, with option of complete ban if found non compliant

Author — Saksham Bhadauria


These social media companies FB, Twitter, Google are acting like they are separate country, and they are acting like they are Judge, Jury and executioner, they should be punished and regulated.

Author — Dave Johnson


Banned them indefinitely or atleast 6 mths temp....so they come to their sense and submit themselves according to Indian

Author — David Correia


When social media can ban politicians their management doesn't agree with, and limit the results of searches and news web pages to "news" articles they do agree with, they are using their editorial powers to censor and influence. In commerce this is a monopoly power. In politics it is limiting speech and rigging elections.

Author — Alan


WOW! now..that's what i call journalism!

Author — Pranjal Bajpai


France and Australia have dared to single out these so called Tech Giants.

Suppressing, freedom of speech of others, invading tax and business.

What's next?

Author — L


The internet and all search engines should no longer be owned by private people or private business.

Author — Parrot Farm SA


Freedom of speech and privacy are the two things that the big techs shouldn't be saying anything about.

Author — Amrit Kaur Pillania


Twitter want to Make Their Goverment in India. Therefore they are Opposing BJP and Supporting Comgress

Author — I am Rebel


France Fined Google, Canada passed Bill C10(social media regulation act), EU drafted Social Media regulation bill.
Meanwhile 'authoritarian' Indian government - Last warning. Only guidelines, no rules. Condemn the violation. Last notice 🤧🤧

Author — Ishiki no Kami