Russia’s spectacular Tank Biathlon 2016 in 360 view

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Tank Biathlon 2016, an impressive and breath-taking military race that is part of Russia’s large-scale International Army Games, has come to an end at the Alabino firing ground outside of Moscow.

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Glory to Russia and to all the participating nations great to see nations coming together in the name of sport and comradeship!!

Author — LVPN


Love the amazing russian tanks, one thing russians can do good - AMAZING TANKS!

Author — MGA99MASTER


In this stage Vzla. first, only one with 3/3 !.India second.Will be interesting see T-90MS, T-14,T-15, Terminator, TOS-1A Hiperbaric, Crishantema and URAN Robot Family.By YANDEX. Translate

Author — GAZ Tigr


In the Military events,  here are the counties that would come in the top 10(listed in order):1. Russia/China!  2. India!  3. Pakistan!  4. Turkey!  5. Israel!  6. USA!  7. North Korea!  8. South Korea!  9. Vietnam(has potential to be number 6)! 10. Japan/UK

Author — Drwladimirklitschko


Those are older than my grand mother. Iraq had those and the US destroyed them in a hurry. They are even a non-factor in Serbia due to small arms.

Author — jorgipogi


Hurry up LVPN! Waiting for you to arrive to talk about how big putler's barrel is!

Author — Pug24


¿qué hace la bandera de Venezuela sobre el tanque, chamo?

Author — Danny Sings


Yeah, it the best sport fo you, RuSSians. you can dope your sportsmen as you wish in this discipline.

Author — Einar


at 2:03 i was like buraragaggghghghghgh

Author — Pete Copter


Why is there an American Stop sign on their course?

Author — El Vasco


wasn't impressed. didn't see a single targe destroyed. no multiple target kills nothing. yawn!

Author — Patriot TrumpStrong


Why is there a Venezuelan flag on the left of the. tank?

Author — LM


hay Iam sure you guys are familiar with these new laser weapons they have and are useing in Seria. Well they say by chroming them or mirroring them I guess is supose to reflect the lazer beam. Iam not sure if it works but if it does it might help protect anything that these lasers can hit. I do think that the lazer has to be on a target long enough for it to work. so I dont think it could be used in alot of applications but Iam sure you guys know all this already. but I pray that the peace loving people of this world will rise up together against The US and its henchmen the UN and NATO. Every word out of the MSM is all lies lies and more l iesm We must shut these stations down! with any means necessary! They are not doing yhe Job we intrusted them with. And have only made things worse with all their lies and cover-ups to protect these scumbag. Ban all western media out of your countries. And have any civilian westerners in your country make them register or leave because they will be forced to spy for their western home country or will be forced to damage infurstructer or water supplies or they use Provocateurs to cause civil unrest! thats why any one not loyal to the country they are in must leave!!

Author — darcy leclair


we love Russians! Even a child in India if asked to say who is India’s best friend will reply it is Russia because Russia has been with India in times of crisis! Russia is our all weather friend. By that I mean no matter how bad things got Russia ALWAYS stood by our side. When everyone would turn on us Russia wouldn't.

Author — Anand M


The A-10 Thunderbolt II will have tanks like these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. <3

Author — Sebastian Lee