Inside an Abandoned Mansion That 150 Taliban Now Call Home | Afghanistan News

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More than 150 fighters have taken over the residence of a notorious Afghan warlord. Many are adjusting to a new lifestyle while awaiting orders from the new government.

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This corruption is why the afghan national army failed. All their pay and supplies were being funneled into the pockets of the high up military brass.

Author — scar3xcr0


Wow, this really shows where the money goes and why everything falls apart within 3 weeks.

Author — koko nana


One of the many reasons why the Ghani regime and military collapsed so quickly. How can you motivate soldiers to fight to the end when their leaders were robbing them and sending them off to die for them to keep their luxuries then abandoning them without any support?

Reminds me of what the NVA and Viet Cong saw when they took over Saigon.

Author — ๖̶๋‍ۜMorphina


"We will not submit to a government where there is no whisky and no music"
- Marshall dostum
( this guy is basically whats left of the once socialist afghanistan)

Author — AR P


Americans like to talk about how much they spent in Afghanistan but if you look a little closer at the money trail. 70-80 % of that money moved back to America via the contractors US government hired, that money never entered the Local Afghan economy. And the little that did entered Afghan economy was siphoned off by corrupt politicians

Author — The everything Channel


“People have nothing to eat and Dostum has a mansion like this.” True words spoken

Author — Voice of Oppressed


This is where our taxpayer money went, to the corrupt leaders of the previous Afghan Gov who spent it on themselves and not the people.

Author — ALife247


This is the mansion of a mere minion of Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, imagine the booty they themselves collected from the United States, India and the other coalition countries.

Author — Syed Akbar


Hate to say taliban is right but he brought up a very good point that this guy was living in such a lavish mansion meanwhile people were starving

Author — J M


It's rumored that when Biden pulled out of Afghanistan George Bush said "Mission Accomplished."

Author — Porcupine


"People have nothing to eat and Dotsum has a mansion."

Why we failed in a nutshell.

Author — SSG US


"Corruption." It corrodes everything. Look at where Americans tax dollars went in Afghanistan. And the bridges over the Missispi are collapsing, and there is no money to fix them.

Author — D F


Actually I liked the video. Why can't we have daily Vlogs like that? It is more interesting than Kardashians.

Author — Fasi


Seems like the taliban actually has more of a heart than the u.s politicians..

Author — HDVisions


“How can you defeat an enemy who looks down the barrel of a gun and sees Paradise?” - A Russian Commander

Author — Sistermail


All those corrupted members of previous Afghan government should be taken to the court

Author — dav zam


"I look for God's paradise. This is nothing to me." - Talib
That's the reason why they are here.

Author — Abdul Mateen


Attitude of the soft-spoken boys compared to when modern, highly educated US soldiers vandalized Saddam's palaces.

Author — Ummi Kholida


Omg! never thought that this kind of Mansion also exists in Afghanistan. This house is hundreds time bigger then mine. Tbh this is more like a 5 star hotel than a mansion..😂

Author — lallideepmehak


This is like a Million Dollar Listing episode and that guy is the real estate agent😂

Author — Bardia Fereidooni