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Spring 1941. Nazi Germany dominated Europe. Poland and France had been occupied, and only the British Commonwealth fought on. Now Hitler turned east to the USSR, where Nazi dreams of a new land empire were to be fulfilled. In June 1941, he unleashed Operation Barbarossa, the largest military operation in history and the beginning of the most destructive conflict ever known.

The project "Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East" depicts the most important events and battles of World War II. The task of the project is to illustrate the history of the war by means of computer graphics, motion-picture images and wartime actuality shots.

Type: historical reenactment
Genre: docudrama
Year of production: 2011
Number of episodes: 18
Directed by: Anna Grazhdan
Written by: Artem Drabkin, Aleksey Isaev
Production designer: Valeriy Babich
Music by: Boris Kukoba
Producers: Valeriy Babich, Vlad Ryashin, Sergey Titinkov, Konstantin Ernst

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Ivan Kopets didn't land and shoot himself because of what he saw, Stalin used him as a scapegoat, sentenced him to death, and then Kopets committed suicide. No need to fluff up what really happened.

Author — oh jesus


The sturdy lunge pathohistologically scratch because property naturally whip at a mere neon. aboriginal, obedient history

Author — metkere gabipni


Наматывайте на ус украинцы! Сколько погибло за вашу краину, сколько крови было пролито за вашу саободу, бабий яр вот что ждало всех
Теперь же все на оборот Парадокс

Author — igor


This is one of the greatest WW2 documentaries I have ever seen.

Author — Boris


Otvorená Hitler mal dva vojny na rukách a nestal ani pred súdom

Author — Pacaj Albert


These are the best, love these in depth documentarys.

Author — Shelltowee 86


It wasn’t the snow that stopped Heeresgruppe Mitte, it was the mud from early seasonal rains! Very good documentary, probably the best I’ve seen of the eastern front.

Author — Neil Chandavarkar


This is the exact example how Bobo and stupid Stalin inner circle drunk knee rail..and the biggest blunder of allied force helping both rust yeah end tse knock off

Author — Willam Almanon


Excellent series, with excellent graphics, of historic importance.

Author — disclosure now


Truly well done . Thank you for these documentaries

Author — cojaysea


2:08:50 I didn't know WillNE was a Soviet Naval conscript lmao

Author — Jack Bain


Very good job merging 3D models with small groups of live reenactor soldiers replicated. Outstanding documentary! Only hokey thing is the re-enactors are too clean :)

Author — Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard


excellent war documentary cheers for posting...

Author — Mickey Flynn


Outstanding series. much never before seen film footage, excellent narration, and exceptional historical richness. Thank you for posting!!!!

Author — litltoosee


36:22 "A German soldier recorded in his diary..." today I met sally and got the silly willies

Author — Elijah Gonzales


Been looking for the English version for ages. Could only find the Russian for some reason. Such a good series.

Author — Commander Bastard


59:08 the voice sounds like the third hokage 😂😂

Author — Yirmiyahu


Incredible footage and still photos. Fine job.

Author — Don Malone


The german officer in the wife beater commanding the cannon was hilarious

Author — R. M.


This WW2 doc are just STraight Amazing.

Author — Omar Oba