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The United States officials ratcheted up pressure on companies and foreign adversaries to fight cybercriminals and said President Joe Biden is considering all options, including a military response, to counter the growing threat.

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America: please tell us when you're attacking us

Author — Dubs


International coalition to invoke the death penalty for these hackers would go a long way in stopping this !

Author — Hot Chihuahua


Zombie Joe couldn't negotiate a kids maze.

Author — Shadow Knight Gladstay


Did the US transparent about its spying on its allies?.

Author — Augustin Santiago


The solution is simple. Physically disconnect China, N Korea and Russia from the Internet. Cut the cables!

Author — Jo King


The Israelis are one of the silent hackers that can help with cybersecurity and cyberattacks.

Author — Your Friend


LOL The USA after spying on everybody be like:


Author — Nishant Upadhyay


If you're looking for hackers there are plenty on the "before its news" website.



It's good that hackers have taught a lesson to america.

Author — Ajay Harlalka


Nice video, I make huge profits on my investments since I started trading with Richard Williams, his trading strategies are top notch.

Author — Doris Scot


Come on hacks, target facebook. PLEASE !!!!

Author — John doe


Cyber hackers can hide their way out its usa responsibilty to catch the hacker if they can really locate the hacker why not send drone directly to the target ??

Author — mark


Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and
indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that.

Author — Abba hiss


I don't think anybody should be left out when going for digital assets

Author — Brown Jones


Demoncraps was defeated by wikileaks, not hackers.

Author — China Life


Suppose if it is US intelligence doing the cyber attacks....and blame it on other countries...like they did a false accusation on Saddam Hussein with his weapons of massive destruction !

Author — satpurush