'That is WRONG.' 😡 | Should Rangnick juggle Austria AND Man Utd? | Carra & Keane discuss | MNF

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Monday Night Football Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane discuss Ralf Rangnick, who will be working ‘part-time’ at Manchester United whilst taking charge of the Austria men’s national team on a full-time basis.


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Ralf Rangnick is the best thing that has happened to Man U this year. He’s exposed the rott and maintained professionalism the whole time. If Ten Hag didn’t want him as a consultant next year, ralf would have already been shown the door

Author — Michael Christian


Both jobs are essentially part time, how is it wrong?

Author — Manav Sandhu


Jamie has international offers turned off

Author — HYPE


Of course it is possible. He will only be a consultant at United. As a coach of a national team he has plenty of time.

Author — songohan511


The work Ralf has done in Hoffenheim and the Red Bull franchise is impressive. It’s the kind of thing that requires someone who has an ability to have a vision and know how to implement it. His propensity for sport science and recruitment within the framework of how they want to play has been successful & impressive.

Author — DK7 MKD


Jamie's misled. He WAS NOT brought in to play a "Klopp way, or a Tuchel way". He was MAINLY brought in as interim to asses the club and team (which we'll still have to see how well thats going to be), in addition to just keeping us afloat into top 4 (which hasn't gone as planned). In turn, providing insight as a consultant on where changes, improvements and deficiencies are. He needs to be much involved than a consultant, that's true. But remember this is a incompetent banker run club, so getting football people in to make football decisions doesn't fathomn with this club.

Tribute to Ralf really, if you had to ask him, he'd want to do much much much more than a consultant. It's those above that are shocking not to take him into a more involved/permanent role.

Author — Sham Gaming


Absolutely ridiculous this from Carragher and Keane. Hiddink was manager of Chelsea and Russia. We need as many football heads in the club as possible. Media is obviously bitter towards Rangnik for some reason. The fans have his back and That’s the most important thing.

Author — Ryan Butcher


Speaking as a consultant, do people actually understand what a consultancy role is? It can literally be 30 days a year depending on the contract. Both the Austria job and the Utd role are effectively PART TIME roles, so ofcourse he can do both. Also its an advisory role! It is not a managerial decision making role, you only provide advice and the core business employees make the decisions. Just typical media sensationalism and Carragher being a dinosaur, behave.

Author — A A


When did Jamie "I've never managed anyone" become the all mighty judge of what is right or wrong, what someone else can do? These pundits live in a fantasy world where what they think goes. And most of these player's are outdated now, still think everything is or should be the way it was in "their day" clubs being run in the same way, everything the club had done in the last 9 years clearly hasn't worked Roy so maybe trying something different like having a man who is well experienced in building clubs/teams from behind the scenes, experienced and far more knowledgeable of the European market, it might just work you know???

Author — Robbo


Back in the day a manager used to manage every single aspect of a club, and that was considered the norm, now a national team manager can't help advise a club on decisions.

Author — FSS114


Of course he can balance it. This is, unfortunately, where it becomes apparent these are footballing people. Knowledgeable about the sport, but not overly intelligent in general.
You can easily combine Austria's light schedule - 4 or 5 match days per year? - with being a consultant.

Author — PinealDreams


He’s a consultant that will work 6 days a month or so. I don’t see why he can’t

Author — freshfromthebest


The idea Rangnick can’t do both is just incorrect. His consultancy was contracted for 6 days a month before the austria job. Roy himself was both Ireland and Aston Villa assistant manager at the same time (far more time consuming btw).

Author — Fionn Moynihan


It’s not wrong though really. In hindsight, the biggest fault in the post Ferguson years was putting someone (Ed Woodward) in charge of footballing decisions that didn’t really understand how the market works or operates. Rangnick coming in as a consultant is not to make footballing decisions but more to educate the next person coming in to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again. Kinda ridiculous that people will moan about Woodward but will also moan about trying to get their people more qualified to fix the problem.

Author — luke callaghan


Pundits are sooo ridiculous. NONE of these guys opposed Ralf''s appointment conditions. Now they don't see it?

Plus, the amount of information, theories and suggestions these guys have, I swear they could take us to Mars, just by "expert analysis".

Author — Silindelo Sikhosana


I've got nothing but respect for Ralf, he's come in at a really tough time for the club and had to get through a lot of crap to make it past these last 6 months. Clearly he's seen the mess we were in and the dressing room he had to work with. I'm sure his advice will be handy to whoever took over, at least in what NOT to do moving forward..

Author — colonelwhiskey


Jamie with more lazy punditry trying to make the headlines, it’s a consultancy role he’s not assistant manager he’s a consultant where is focus to help build the club through recommendations of players (recruitment) he can do both roles just fine.

Author — Comp


Jamie got this wrong. He's only a consultant for Man Utd.

Author — Luke


He was always going to be a part time consultant anyway - international management only requires part time work itself. I don't see the problem - instead of having a full-time job for Spartak he has 2 part time roles. Being a consultant isn't that time heavy

Author — Caelan Straker-Jones


Ralf is providing his advice on 'football' matters to get us playing with an identifiable style. He's obviously disappointed with the players' application but this season was a write off since Ole lost his job. Key is now Europa qualification which isnt terrible given the season we're having and a full pre-season with Erik.

Author — Of the Uchiha clan