Public Opinion: Crash Course Government and Politics #33

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So today, Craig is finally going to start talking about politics. Now up until this point we've specifically been looking at government - that is answering the questions of who, what, and how in relation to policies. But politics is different in that it looks at why certain policies are made. We're going to start today by looking at public opinion - specifically how the public does (and does not) influence our elected officials.

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I just took a poll. 100% of participants think that bearded asthmatics are sexy.

Author — Nolan Thiessen


Dude slow dowwnnn. Going way to fast, I need to pass this exam

Author — Emrakh Karimov


When he said "are you even listening?" I honestly wasn't!

Author — Michael Nepgen


"That's a fake eagle, don't worry 'bout it"

Author — Rakshasa


"A boulder of salt" made me laugh out loud.

Author — musicalintentions


I hope crash course exists for a long time

Author — Chase Yongue


“Take CNN’s polls with a boulder of salt.” I agree.

Author — zalutz1


Craig: "Are you even listening"
Me: "Wait what.. Yes I support eagle punching!"

Author — Bhavika Kumar


*watching this video in 2019*

Yeah...about those poll results...

Author — Tom McMorrow


These videos saved my semester *-* since I'm an international student and I hadn't learned about America's government or history, so I needed this kind of explanations. In love with this channel.

Author — Edissa Cuevas


Where do you get their sources from? So I can quote the stats lol

Author — Michael Biya


What the heck, we're on episode 33 already?!? I swear episode 1 came out like a month ago.

Author — MarkieDood


I am against eagle punching and I will be introducting a referendum towards that.

Author — ArmageddonAngel


This video needs to be posted on every internet board, forum, or anything where people gather to chat.

Author — That annoying bird


"They're not the same." and youtube promptly crashes, well done stan.

Author — Drakorus Felving


As someone who has worked in the polling industry, I am 57% satisfied with the "educational value" of this video.

Author — Video Graham


"...we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind" -*Edward Bernays*

Author — Alexander Zapata


I would really appreciate it if you talked a bit more slowly! :)

Author — Elisa T


EDIT: "A poll taken on a Friday evening is likely to include a lot fewer young people responding to it, because most young people either work in retail or food and beverage positions nowadays [and it's a miracle for them to get any Friday off, let alone party the night away]."

All in good fun. Craig, you're awesome! (Side note: I appreciate the fact that you don't move your arms around like crazy while you speak. I guess it's maybe because my body language is typically more reserved? Idk. But anyways, thank you!)

Author — Gillian Fisher


More crash course history! It was the first thing I saw from you guys and now your one of my favorite channels! I loved the Mongols exceptions and the past John greens! The roll in shellves, open letters and desks! Please bring those wonderful things back! ;)

Author — Dino Lord