Inside of an F4 tornado (full version)

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Footage from inside of a house while being ravaged by an EF4 tornado. Max. windspeed was 324 km/h. June 24th, Czech Republic, Lužice.

Both persons in this video were uninjured.

Additional info:

A rare violent and deadly multiple-vortex tornado struck several villages in the Hodonín and Břeclav districts of the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic in the evening of 24 June 2021, killing six people and injuring at least 200 others. The tornado struck seven municipalities, with the worst damage in the villages of Hrušky, Moravská Nová Ves, Mikulčice and Lužice.

This tornado was the strongest ever documented in modern Czech history and the deadliest European tornado since 2001.It was rated as an F4 on the Fujita scale. This made it the first confirmed violent (F4+) tornado in Europe since July of 2015, when an F4 tornado struck the towns of Dolo and Mira in Italy. The tornado was part of a small outbreak of seven tornadoes that formed across Europe that day.

In all, a total of 1,200 buildings were damaged or destroyed by the tornado.

Source: wikipedia (2021 South Moravia Tornado)

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To whoever made this: you are absurdly lucky to have gotten out alive, much less uninjured.
On the other hand, this video is probably the best one I've found to express what a tornado sounds like.

Author — Skibrym Habor


this is by far one of the best footages of the south moravia tornado out there. Just look at the motion of the beast! And not to mention the roar. jeez.

Author — NicimakiClips


For those of you wondering, there is a scientific reason the camera operator was not effected by the tornado. So when you have winds of this strength, there is a tendency for lightweight and flat objects to be carried away easier due to the surface are and lower mass. The camera operator, however, was not effected due to the spherical shape and enormous weight of their brass balls

Author — Chad G


she really just said “mmhmm” calmly while being inside a tornado

Author — Asher Postman Music


Seriously, this is the calmest person I've ever seen. One of those situations where they have no idea that they narrowly escaped death .This was an F4 that just missed their house!

Author — Becky Arganbright


If you’re ever caught in a life or death situation, find a camera and record. This will make you into a camera man and grant you invincibility.

Author — Willow and Luka


So fortunate to survive such an aggressive tornado being that close. Im glad you was all okay. Thanks for the footage 🙏❤️

Author — Anthony


Amazing video. I was wondering how much of the storm we would see as it progressively got worse. Quite brave, not sure I would have the guts to do what you did, but a great visual for myself who has never been that close to a tornado.

Author — Tony H


I’ve actually been in a tornado, it was small though, very glad you survived. Your a legend.

Author — melodyxmochaa


Soy un aficionado a la meteorología desde niño, y uno de mis sueños es estar cerca de un tornado y vivir esa experiencia, ya he estado dentro de los efectos que causa un huracán y en otros eventos, lamento mucho los destrozos y muertes que causa un tornado, desgraciadamente estos fenómenos son parte del equilibrio de la naturaleza. Que bueno que salieron ilesos de esa experiencia...

Author — jose luis a g


This guy is smart, he knew the only way to survive a tornado was to grab a camera.

Author — Kyle S


There's no better way to show people how powerful a tornadoes is. I commend them.

Author — Wanda Meadows


That’s really scary. I can’t imagine being from a different country and dealing with this.

Author — Laurie Sitzes


Thank you very much for shooting the incident and sharing with us :)

Author — Thurein Tun


90 m/s .Woah. That's some speedy wind. 3 times faster than what usually is considered a big wind in Europe.

Author — Kristijonas Meškaukis


Being someone from the U.S., I could hardly believe that anyone would just stand there and let the tornado get so close without taking cover. That was hard to watch! Since that’s a very rare event in the Czech Republic, I can understand why they didn’t realize how dangerous that was. Great footage, but that was super risky!

Author — Natasha Nyxx


Man's literally on the second floor outside and by glass during an EF4 tornado, what a legend!

Author — DiamondOrPoor78


You can actually feel and hear the pressure rapidly dropping as the tornado closes in.Your ears plug up like your underwater.This is why houses literally explode with the differences in pressures.No basement in this situation puts them directly in path.

Author — scottnyc


Brave to even stay that long outside! Great video!

Author — Neil Williams


Slavic people really do be built different, the casual “mhm” after looking into a tornado is something else

Author — Chip_ _Chip