These US Military Robotic Combat Vehicles Shocked The World!

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These US Military Robotic Combat Vehicles Shocked The World!

On a future battlefield, seven-ton tracked robots scout the enemy. Some of these Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) Light variants sweep paths through minefields. Others pop smoke to conceal the advance. Still, others jam enemy transmissions and take potshots with anti-tank missiles.

Enemy return fire rips through the light robots’ unarmored hulls, but their computer brains keep on transmitting target coordinates to the rest of the force. Precision-guided long-range shells pound the enemy position as larger robots move up, 10-ton mini-tanks called RCV-Mediums that boast machine guns, missiles, and 30mm chainguns. And the third wave follows not far behind: a hardcore of humans in M1 Abrams tanks, escorted by wolfpacks of cannon-toting 30-ton RCV-Heavies.

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💬 Comments on the video

love how they bait you with a mech gundam tank and then show normal stuff lol

Author — Corey Yorty


Yes! One step closer to the Skynet event.

Author — Respawn Redemption


You know what would fckn shock me .. a Tank that shoots Valentines that say i love you.

Author — Bryan Haproff


I saw this when it first appeared in 1984. Sarah Connor, John Connor, Sky Net. Yeah, it doesn’t end well. 😐

Author — Jeff Brewer


Haha, I can see the future now... The modern weapons will be upgraded to artificial intelligence. Our enemies will ditto. As the AI usage is advanced and utilized, these modern weapons will realize that humans are the enemy and need to be terminated and void.

Author — B 007


nah, it'll only be shocking when they're used against civilians or a rogue A.I. decides human extinction will save the planet

Author — MetalAcitistJim


Now, we just need to prevent Siri from getting a skynet patch update.

Author — SephiaSky Gaming


미래는 로봇vs로봇 싸우다가 인간vs로봇 전쟁 이 되는군요.
혹시 스카이넷 나올지도....ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

Author — pandemic


หลอมเหล็กไม่กัดพลาสติก อยู่ในพลาสติกเพื่อหลอมเหล็ก 🙃

Author — rabbit corner


aku mau bikin tank berkekuatan petir tesla..tapi didalam impian 🤣🤣🤣



Imagine we admire this robot weapon technology but one day it might kill you in the future if there is a conflict,
which we don't know which side we will be on.

Author — D Diver


Khg bị tiểu đường nghe quản cáo về t.d cũng trở thành bịnh nhân...khốn

Author — nhat tran


Todos estas coisas feitas para matar ... pessoas???
Loucura global.

Author — Eduardo Costa


3:46 Uh, is that Windows?

Never mind. False alarm. Skynet is not a threat.

Author — Rak Hit


So cute... I want to see a mini M4A3E8 Sherman with updated weapons.

Author — Alliance 22


So this is just coming down to a very expensive video game, if all sides come up with enough un-maned tanks, air craft and go to war with just that-a chess bored cost 5 bucks jus sayin.

Author — Paul Kauss


Khoe vũ khí mà sợ trung cộng và nga khoe dọa ma à

Author — đặng quang huy


우리나라도 만들면 좋을거 같은데요
스타나 배그하듯이 원격으로 조종하구요

Author — 아재궁디


Bikin mahal2
Tinggal sekali saja rudal sama Rusia....
Ancuuuurrr 🤣🤣🤣🤣👎👎

Author — Pidus Bae


Sarana perang orang orang yang takut mati tapi hobi perang....

Author — si juki