Turkey's $5BN Bridge to Europe

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Turkey is constructing the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge, the soon to be longest suspension bridge in the world. The Çanakkale 1915 Bridge will connect Asia and Turkey across the Dardanelles strait, a thin passage of water in northwest Turkey. It will be a feat of engineering with many symbolic aspects included in its design. The bridge will be part of the Kınalı-Balıkesir Motorway, a $4.7 billion USD highway connecting Europe and Asia. The Çanakkale 1915 Bridge will have many benefits and few problems. It is currently well-under construction and is planned to open on March 18th, 2022.

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I worked there ! Operated the cranes erecting the tower sections . What a dream job . The highlight of my working life so far and being close to retirement won’t be surpassed . I’m hoping to go back to Turkey in 2023 to drive across it

Author — Dave Nichols


As a Dutch civil engineer i know a thing or two about bridges, seeing this huge project makes me quite excited. While i don't know enough about the surrounding area to comment on it's regional value, it sure looks very impressive. I'd love to go visit it when it's completed. Also, i'm amazed that this project isn't only not delayed due to the pandemic, but might even finish ahead of schedule. Well done Turkey.

Author — Dave


Good luck Turkey 🇹🇷 + 🇧🇦 = ❤️...
Selam from Bosnia and Herzegovina 👋 🤞

Author — Skrgic Kemal


Hey guys! At 4:35, I mention that Istanbul is the “national capital”. This is a mistake. Ankara is the national capital. Thanks!

Author — Futurology


I can say that this is the first time I heared that "Du to speedy progress the project will be finished earlier" 😁😁
Respect from Morocco 🇲🇦

Author — Massen Rachidi


The Turks have already 4 bridges in the Bosphorus and Italians are incapable of building a single one between the boot and Sicily? So depressing.

Author — Alejandro soto martin


"It has a clearance of 69.3 meters which is symbolic for.."

Author — MrSeedkey


Türkiye canimizdir ozumuzdur Biz Oguz Atanin Evlatlariyiz Azərbaycandan sonra tek ve son canimi verecegim ulke Türkiyedir başkası olmazda
Baküden sevgiler Can Türkiyeye

Author — AZE BOY


0:17 “There are 3 bridges and a tunnel”

There are 3 bridges and 2 tunnels in Istanbul connecting European and Asian parts of the city.

1:45 The bridge shown as Osmangazi Bridge is not Osmangazi Bridge, but the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan.

4:35 “... prevent congestion in the national capital...”

The national capital of Turkey is Ankara, not Istanbul, although Istanbul is the largest and the most populous city in the country.

Author — Mert Serim


Futurology: turkey is building a bridge to Europe
Me an intellectual: they already have that

Author — The Wizard Games


This bridge is going to be very handsome and huge. Well done Turkey, you rock as always ❤️🇹🇷❤️

Author — Oguz Han


Thanks for the nice presentation of 1915 Canakkale bridge.
However, I'd like to make two corrections.
First, Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey. it is Ankara.
Second is that it is not the first motorway in Turkey.
There are already motorways in Turkey between Istanbul and Izmir; and all the way from Edirne through Istanbul-Ankara to the southeastern provinces, totaling more than
3, 500 kms in total.

Author — Lonely Wolf1


This is the biggest project I've ever seen that is planned to complete EARLIER than the planned finish date. That is amazing. Usually all you hear about is delays.

Author — Cardinal Thunder


*Looks at Istanbul*
Uh, they already did that.

Author — MC Cool Guy


I think you mean *ANOTHER* bridge to Europe...

Author — Warrior Son


Dont worry about ferry's this bridge will be very expensive to pass for native people we will still use the ferry cause its much cheaper

Author — Ozan Mozan


Was there in September 2020, and it is an amazing sight 😎👍
The time that will be saved is hudge🤗

Author — Cato L-S


This project is well known in Korea bs Korean companies are joining the construction. And thank you for the Turkish participation and sacrifice in the Korean war for the protection of the freedom.

Author — Jaewon Kim


This is so much needed, you don’t understand the traffic that is caused by all those cars waiting to cross the water with ferry’s.

Author — Yura Uro


That’s cheaper than a lot of domestic projects in my state, and that bridge is a far grander project

Author — Clos MasMas