Steph Curry Said This After Eliminating Ja Morant… 'Grizzlies In 7' (Ft.Klay/Draymond)

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💬 Comments on the video

The Warriors were hurting themselves in the first 3 quarters with turnovers but damn they dominated Memphis on the boards. 70 rebounds is astounding in such a pressure filled game. Kevon Looney had 22 rebounds himself !

Author — 2020 Survivor


People forget how important a great coach is. It's not just running around playing street ball. Gotta call the right plays.

Author — Shabaka87


At first I was worried about the relaxed way which Warriors were playing against a big opponent as Grizzlies, but one more time they showed us strength, courage and experience 💪

Author — Karla Guity


They needed a series like this to get their heads in the game, warriors typically beat themselves with overconfident and sloppy play

Author — TheHomieBaca


Warriors had many heroes in game 6, but Dubs had 70 rebounds. Let that sink in. 😆🏀

Author — Barton Percival


nobody ever doubted the power of game 6 klay

Author — chicken boi


Focus on winning instead of predicting the end. Two good teams and the Warriors go to the next level, congratulations Warriors. Grizzlies made it to the playoffs no doubt will be back next season. Moving right along…. GSW 🎉🎉🏀

Author — Marsha Stewart


I’ll give the Warriors their flowers🎉! I enjoyed the Grizzlies this playoff season! Enjoy your vacation Gentlemen!🙏🏾♥️💕

Author — Kelly Elly


Much Respect!! But the Grizzlies are a team to watch in the upcoming years !

Author — Dee Harper


Next round of playoffs is going to be epic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — Shame81


As a Memphis fan I’m not mad. We’re a young team and we will get a championship soon. Respect to the Warriors though

Author — Maddux Valencia


you know, they say you learn a lot more from fails that success. Ja has a lot more learning ahead of him. :)

Author — Rok Podlogar


Well earned! Respect to Memphis…just want them to be more humble. Happy to see GS back 💪🏾

Author — 1zzy Duz It


The confidence on this warriors team being able to handle pressure in the playoffs is deadly. They were beat by 39 last game and then just eliminated Griz like it was nothing.

Author — Justin


They play better without JA.. Then, what is the reason keeping him now?

Author — Kill the darK


This is the house that Steph Curry Built

Author — LakeShow2021


Imagine underestimating game 6 klay....

Author — Pain_Killer


For those people saying Warriors won without JA, well yeah obviously, but lets not forget the facts that Warriors doesnt have Coach Kerr on the floor, no Gary Payton II, no James Wiseman and no Iggy.

Author — dogeee


JA must be slightly relieved, if somehow the grizzlies came back without him, it would of put a dent in his early career

Author — reece


Respect from a grizzlies fan. Now that the series is over, I'm rooting for the warriors. There's no shame in losing if your loss happens to be to the best team.

Edit: People think I am saying that the Warriors are the best team. To clear things up: I am saying that I would rather we lose to a champion than to any other team, and that is why I am rooting for the warriors. Yall got no chill

Author — Kevin Chang