7 Ways To Simplify Your Finances (Financial Minimalism)

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Managing your money and personal finances can be stressful bit it doesn't have to be. this is where financial minimalism comes in and simplifying your finances.

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A big thing that has worked for me is delaying my purchase of "want" items. I keep a list in my notes app on my phone of all the things i want, like a new book or backpack, and then wait a few days to weeks and revisit the list. Most of the time I end up taking things off it rather than going through with a purchase. It also makes me think critically about the items I do own and how they could work instead of purchasing something new. It's helped prevent me from spending a lot of unnecessary money. My approach is simplifying my finances by simply not spending unnecessary money!

Author — Wander This Way


Here in the Netherlands all banking is paperless. You actually have to pay if you want to receive it in the mail 😅 it's amazing! And better for the planet 👌🌿

Author — Delala


I’ve attempted to go paperless. But—I find with digital statements I’m less likely to see them and look at their contents? And I’ve definitely missed errors on them this way. I’m sticking with paper statements for now, because of this. I almost feel like many places want you to switch to paperless just so they can slip in minute errors that add up to billions for them over time.

Author — T O


as humans, we follow the route of least resistance, at least subconsciously. great tips on making it easy as possible to make finances way easier!

Author — Rineil Perez


Gabe! I’m so happy to see you sponsored by such a huge company! I’ve been a subscriber for a long time & glad to see your channel taking off. Great content!

Author — Rachel Spohn


Love it! I'm guilty of having too many bank bonuses going on at once! Lol same with credit card bonuses!!!

Author — On Cash Flow


Here we go! My favorite motivation channel when it comes goals.👍😊♥️♥️✌️

Author — Ethel Blissful


I know you do credit card churning, do you find it stressful having all those cards and accounts open? I like to keep things simple and have minimal accounts open, but I see the benefit of churning.

Author — Unjust1


*"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now"* I consider this to be best motivational quote I've heard in a very long time. But motivational quotes are useless if you don't practice what you preach*

Author — Viduté Mereckienè


Good advice. I've been working on cutting down paper clutter. Is there a place where you can search for investment accounts that you may have lost track of?

Author — Pathtowellnesswithmiriam


Good information here, using pretty much all of it, just can't get into the investment process yet, just look around

Author — Joe Pep


dude, nice video(s) I'm 23 and hope to house hack one day I'm debt free and have a really good routine going where I saving/investing weekly, and I'm tracking every dallor with a Google spread sheet becouse i do enjoy all the number and how easy is it to look back at my progress.

Author — JTstuff1


Gabe, which app do you use to track everything?

Author — Chai Together


Gabe, I would like to give to help the refugees from Ukraine... but would like to be sure it will get to the people. Can you help with finding legitimate non-profit organizations where the money will be used for the people?

Author — Patti 1962


I love turbo tax. It has made filing so easy!

Author — E GR


If youre self employed please pay for a real accountant. Please, it will pay off over the long run

Author — Liberty Eli


Hey Gabe! Which ETFs do you recommend for Fidelity Roth IRA Investments?

Author — Rachel Schuester


Awesome video as always gabe. Reg in dublin ireland

Author — reginald shannon


What's " ESG score"....? How will ESG score affect consumer debt and investing?

Author — Harlan Repurposed


What app do you like to track your finances? So Turbo Tax live sets you up with a real person?? What kind of fee do they charge?

Author — Gail Tester