05-24-2021 Selden, KS - Massive Tornado Rips Through Town!

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A violent tornado rips through the small Kansas town of Selden, causing storm chasers to flee the path of the storm.

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My grandparents live in Selden. Lost their garage and wood shop but they are okay. Very thankful

Author — Andrew Schultz


Everyone always says "I want to see a tornado" until they see a tornado. Welcome to Kansas!

Author — Kansas Gardener


It's A Freaking Monster , A Miracle Nobody Was Killed, Early Warning Saves Lives No Doubt

Author — Donnie Dickerson


No deaths or serious injuries were caused by this tornado.

Author — Kevin Byrne


Nothing like driving at high speeds while holding a cell phone out the window while being told how to drive.

Author — Steve


“I think it’s going to miss the house” zooms all the way out so no one can tell

Author — Brandon Lee


Tornado rips through town :
Then, remembering he shouldn’t be cheering, puts on his best pained expression : “awwww it’s going to hit that toooowwwn”

Author — Etienne Dauphin


Definitely tell these guys are young amateurs. They will gain experience but at what cost?

Author — John Myers


To me it’s insane how close they were and how many cars were on the road.

Author — Tammy McC-N


Good footage. Wish there was less voices. Prayers for all to come out alive.

Author — Richard Dyer


WoW, Time to anchor down Auntie Em and Toto too.

Author — pete d


That multiple vortices were hard to keep up with, spectacular video Boyz. Stay safe

Author — 13ecker


Wow! Intense! I kept thinking of that scene in Twister "we've got a jumper here!" Great footage!

Author — Amy Wonch


The best footage I've seen of this one. Incredibly insane and exciting. No disregard for life but this is beautiful.

Author — WHODATCountry


do you ever go back to any of the houses/farms that you film to share with the ppl?
pretty amazing!
i bet the ppl in that farm house at the beginning would love to see it

Author — Shiner Dryden


That tornado that hit the town almost looked stationary for a while. Hope everyone is ok.

Author — Elisabeth


5:17 WTF was that? there are plenty of gadgets to hold your phone, hands on the wheel bud.

Author — Alfredo Ristol


I live in Manhattan, and by the time this storm hit us the thunderhead had collapsed and lost most of its energy. Even still, high winds and fallen tree limbs. Scary stuff.

Author — Ryan Eyster


That was one heck of a storm! Well wishes to all the people there. Fantastic vid And thank you:)

Author — brian70Cuda


That storm had the biggest low hanging wall cloud I have ever seen. It looked like a giant black octopus stretching all the way around. You couldn't see one end of the tornado from the other!

Author — Jennifer Kubik