2020 VIOLENT EF-4 TORNADO!! Ashby/Dalton, MN | Basehunters Chasing

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Scott Peake's incredible capture of the Ashby, MN drillbit tornado!! This is the full-length chase footage showing the up-close evolution of the tornado. Watch as it intensifies!! There are no lockdowns or "social distancing" from this violent drillbit tornado!

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17:04 (sees mailbox losing it's mail) Hope that wasn't important...

Author — mindlessgonzo


This is a weird tornado. EF 4, yet so small, even tiny, and with a small supercell on top. It's almost like someone made a scale model of a tornado and it escaped from his shed.

Author — jpsholland


Why are tornado videos so addicting? You watch one and immediately want to see more..

Author — The Amused


_"Honey, the neighbor's tornado is in the front yard again."_

Author — Robert Zeurunkl


Mother Nature: "And eff this particular 2 square foot patch of grass, especially"

Author — Howie Hehrer


This is legendary status footage! How often do we every get a violent, laser beam tornado, with no precipitation, sunlit, clear skies around it, with curving roads for multiple viewing angles?

Well done!

Author — Kevin P


What a nice twister to go around the farm instead of through it. Hard to find good qualities like that these days.

Author — Marshall Tomlinson


Can’t understand why anyone would ever give this a thumbs down. This is amazing

Author — Rich Muscle


Very courteous of the Tornado to plow those fields

Author — watersfan


"Sir, why didn't you pay your bills this month?"
"Ummm.... tornado ate them."

Author — Chobittsu


Pecos Hank: Gets close to a violent tornado
BaseHunters Chasing: *Is in the tornado*

In all honesty though... You have one of the most aggressive chase styles I've seen bar Reed Timmer when he's rollin' in the Dominator II

Author — DigBipper188


The tornado and mesocyclone almost seem separated from the rest of the storm, the rear flank downdraft looks like it has completely wrapped around it. This is one of the coolest looking tornadoes and mesocyclones I've ever seen.

Author — Jaffa Calling


Amazing footage and without the yelling and screaming that ruins most chaser videos. Great video, thank you for sharing !

Author — Randy Porter


If only Dr. Fujita could have lived to see this high resolution tornado footage we have today. I can't imagine the kind of insights he'd have.

Author — sabishiihito


17:05 "I'll be taking that mail with me, thank you very much."

Author — angie44551


This is probably the closest I've ever seen someone get to a tornado with such a clear view.
Absolutely astounding thank you so much for this!

Author — Miyuki Teishi みゆちゃん


Shout out to whoever put that mailbox in on that road, that thing was solid!

Author — Strong Bad


That thing literally looks like it would blend you if you stepped in it, it's so dense lol

Author — Poogurt


I passed up watching this video so many times. The size of the tornado in the thumbnail made it look like it was just someone's animation project. I'm glad I let curiosity get the better of me on this one. Holy shit that was awesome!

Author — Matt Devlin


People who are used to tornados: wow are u sure that’s a EF-4 it’s so skinny almost like a dust devil

Me from California: wow it’s so big 😮

Author — Sophia Cisneros