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Now American president Joe Biden is of course facing a lot of criticism over America's chaotic and humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now the American president however has defended the process and also the decisions that were made by him saying that perhaps there was simply no other way for the united states to have exited from Afghanistan after having fought there for nearly 20 years.

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"The most embarrassing thing in American history". It seems like I have to go to WION to find the news in my own country! WION is truly a world-class news organization.

Author — charles womack


Biden is a total embarrassment of what an American president should be

Author — Yusuf Kuma


Taliban terrorist 2021:
" Whole country + Brand new weapons for the next 20 years!"
Christmas gift from uncle Joe!

Author — M K


Hey WION, you accidentally wrote “Depends” in the title. I believe you wanted to write “Defends”.

Author — Jack Sparrow


Biden is the most dangerous "president" this country has ever seen! He alone is the biggest national threat to our country. Look what he did in Afghanistan!

Author — BacktheBlue


President potato is employing the age old tactic of *"BLAME THE GUY THAT'S NOT HERE"*

Author — down under


How shameless this man, got humiliating defeat from the terrorists and then preaching nonsense.

Author — Heeralal Sathyapalan


You can say this time Mr President joined hands with Taliban and celebrating 9/11 attacks. Shame on you Biden.

Author — King Id


Way of US evacuation is a political shame and a military dishonour in history.
Supporting it is new low, morally.

Author — d'joy S


The worst policy maker and immune to criticism.he's got thick face and can swallow all embarrassing words you can throw.

Author — Wilbur Tuason


He was VP for eight years, what did he do during that time to extradite American military from this war?

Author — Son Of Africa


Biden will never be my President or the Leader of the BRAVE!!!

Author — newbbeatmkr 100


It's so sad that leaders at the top can rarely accept their mistake. Japan probably the only country where someone steps down for their fault 🙏

Author — Ashwin Prabhu


Breaking News!!!
After a less than stellar performance in Afghanistan.
Biden is now considering raising the threat level from HIDE to RUN

Author — Blue Cyclone


*Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.*

Author — James Kai


“Simply no other way for the United States to have exited Afghanistan.” Lol

Author — kozyjayway


Biden keeps repeating America had to Pull out when world is shocked the way he pulled out like a mad man.He is demented.

Author — Aron Aronite


I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

Author — Sabrina Ilse


Let a lawyer defend him at a Court Martial or impeachment.

Author — George Robartes


They are the nobly ones defending their decisions .The citizens think different ! Retiring from Afghanistan was one thing doing it in the incorrect way was another . Specially, arming and supporting Talibans while leaving behind Americans and allies, that's treasonous ! Not to go to providing the list and biometric data of the persons left behind !

Author — Maria herradi