Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities - BBC News

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A new website that lets people delve into data on the world's cities has been launched.

Dr Robert Muggah from the think-tank Instituto Igarapé showed the BBC some of his favourite maps from EarthTime.

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Yeah I like playing Sid Meiers Civilisation as well.

Author — Al De Niro


3:11 Notice North Korea, that dark eerie place with one tiny light probably in that small Elite Neighbourhood in Pyongyang.

Author — Communist International & Co.


@1:36 Miami is going to be the new Atlantis.
Time to buy a boat :-)

Author — epSos.de


I find this fascinating! I wish you'd included a link to the website in the description so I could check it out rather than your subscribe here link - we all know how to subscribe, we don't all know where to find these maps/this website.

Author — Lady D


This turned out to be more interesting than I thought it would be 😮

Author — Udita Bhattacharya


How tf is scientific data 'fake news'? Some people love to stay ignorant.

Author — pookiehoney


Is there somewhere we can see these maps? I really want to check out in more detail.

Author — William Badgreen


Although I feels less happy than I did before watching lol

Author — Stuart oliver


Hey this was really interesting and informative..i watched it like 3 times to absorb it all. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Sandy Miller


As a visual of data you’re left to trust the data. Double edged sword.

Author — Jj Mm


"Maralago ... may be one of the first parts of Florida to go" - well, some good news.

Author — Eusunt Dac


Wow! Quite an eye opener. Where could I find the full version of this documentary?

Author — Vikram Aditya Paul


Fascinating video, as usual! Is that map available publicly? I’d love to mess with it, but even just a link to more vids would be fun.

Author — Jane Hawkins


That was very interesting and informative. I don't know if I would draw the same conclusions from the data. This is not real time information.

Author — George King


Thank u for this vid sir.Being Unbiased is mature & classy..

Author — P.T.


"How to Lie with maps" is a very interesting book by, Mark Monmonier. Sometimes what is not said is more important than what is being said.

Author — a_daug


Thanks for this small package of info, and what you said at the start gives a different view of media outlet info.

Author — Dev sharp


I love this. I'm fascinated by these Maps.

Author — dlbstl


That's a really interesting video, thanks.

Author — Jonathan Ngai


The fact that there is no law that say this maps have to be accurate is disturbing

Author — Daniel Kariuki