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What not to do in Turkey!

00:00 - Beginning
00:10 - Don't blow your nose loudly
00:57 - Don't confuse Turks with Arabs
01:42 - Don't argue over the origin of the foods
02:47 - Don't treat stray animals badly
03:31 - Don't gossip in English
04:27 - Don't expect to get the change
05:31 - Don't feel that you have to tip
05:53 - Don't insult Atatürk
06:40 - Don't drink tap water
07:20 - Don't enter a house with your shoes on


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Can Kutas

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as a turkish
saying "baklava is from greece"
and "i wanna die" are same thing for us

Author — h a z e l


I understand that Turkish people don’t like to be confused with Arabs, just like Polish people don’t like to be called Russians. It’s not because Poles have something against Russians but because Poland is an independent country and people in Poland speak Polish.

Author — Polish, Norwegian and Spanish


Life hack in Turkey: Always talk about the food that originated in Turkey and how proud they should be

Author — niall fleming


Turkish people: *treating stray animals like their own pets*
Me, a Hungarian: I'm home.

Author — Roxy Raccoon


"Don't treat stray animals badly"

Author — Mahdi Ashraf Mahir


When he said "don't confuse Turks with arabs" I felt that...

Author — sena


I was in Turkey for nearly a year, and loved every moment of it. The most loving people ever, and would do anything for you to make you feel welcomed. I never ate so well in my life. Here in Finland we argue about food, what is Swedish and what is Finnish or Russian. We all put our spin on dishes and make them our own.

Author — Pamela Kilponen


I chose Turkey for my school project about country habits and business. Your video helped me a lot, thank you ;) .
Love from Czech Republic <3

Author — Cute Catto


I LOVE "don't treat stray animals badly". I wish all countries felt that way. I love Turkey just for that! ❤😍❤

Author — Jill Koop


Bir gün Türkiye'yi ziyaret etme planım var. Ben herşey Turkiye'den severim😘 from Tanzania🇹🇿

Author — Aziza Kwileka


Don't know why, but I'm just obsessed with everything related to Turkey. Their language is so unique, the people are so beautiful and the place is such a heaven. Wish to visit one day!

Author — imcrazy


As someone who lived in Turkey for 3.5 years I can honestly say, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there nothing but the kindest and respectful people. Love Chi tea, and idk what food people were complaining about because I loved it, especially ekmek (flat bread) omg loved it.
Once went to a restaurant and saw trout on the menu, I asked how fresh it was and the waiter said, "come here." I followed him to a tub that had trout swimming around. I said, "That one please."

Author — George Morrison


Well! I have been to Turkey and live there for a year and I'm just obsessed with everything related to Turkey. Their language is so unique and beautiful and the food especially the beautiful people very friendly and respectful and very hospitable people and the place is such a heaven. Wish to visit some of my friend one day!

Author — LyselTurner Natureslovers


"Don't treat stray animals badly" --- I fell in love with the Turkish culture because of this, seeing everyone petting, feeding and taking care of medical problems with the neighborhood cats and dogs in Istanbul. Heaven to me is watching the sunset outside a side-street pub in Istanbul with an Efes and a cat on my lap.

Author — charmoka


Thanks a lot Can. I especially love the Turkish view on stray animals. It's completely unique, and that is one of the (many) reasons I love Turkey!

Author — Johnny Jörgensen


American here. I had the pleasure of visiting Turkey many years ago. Had a wonderful trip traveling throughout the country. Wonderful food and even more wonderful people. Amazing history and culture with some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.

Author — manxkin


When u said ' Dont treat stray animals badly' my respect for Turkey increased tremendously. ❤️❤️❤️
Also, most of the things are relatable to us in India. But blowing nose is common 😁😁😁

Author — Prajakta Kadam


Thanks 🙏 a lot for this amazing video. I’m an Albanian and we do have similarities with you in culture and in cooking And yes baklava is Turkish.❤️🇦🇱

Author — zana banci


What an awesome video 👏 Thanks for sharing all these things with us. I love watching your videos because you're not clickbaiting or promising too much. There's always information that helps me in some kind of way😊. Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹

Author — Hanuma kocht - Hanumina kuhinja


I'm Portuguese and I love everything about Turkey from it's ottoman history to its food 👏👏👏🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Author — Nita Lopes