Turkey Deploys Armed Drones to Northern Cyprus! (World Reacts!)

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Turkey Deploys Armed Drones to Northern Cyprus! (The World Reacts!) Turkey has confirmed establishing an armed drone base in the Turkish-occupied north of Cyprus amid rising tension in the Middle East. Turkish President Erdoğan confirmed Turkey has created a drone base in North Cyprus.

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Turkey does not claim all the islands in the Aegean. Turkey argues that the islands and territorial waters cannot be as much as those on land, and this is the case throughout the world. Since Malta is a state, its territorial waters are as large as an island, but the Greeks claim the entire Mediterranean over Meis, which is not even visible on the map.

Author — Selim Taha Bot


you are manipulating. Everything was very good and all of a sudden Turkey entered Cyprus? You tell things out of context. You are always hostile.

Author — eren vanced


ALL WORLD? XD There is a nice word for this situation: CRY! XD

Author — Dollars in shoe box


Turkey is doing whatever it takes to keep their borders and friends safe and they don't influence their allies that need Turkey's assistance. Yet people of the west and some Arabic nations call them evil

Author — Princess_Fiona


Investing in crypto now is really cool especially with the current rise in the market for now

Author — Sonya Wallace


The European and US taught Turkey double standard. Let as all observe International law and Human Rights.

Author — Libra Ramires


We really need technology to transport us to and colonize other planets

Author — Individualist Joe


Turkey made the announcement months ago, it's nothing new, you can even watch drone flights from air traffic.

Author — Zamcak


Do greeks realy realy promise this time not to kill turkish cpyriots if turkish army gets out of island? Turkey invaded after 3 time greeks started violance on island. And if turks did not fight there would not have been turks on island today.

Author — Samir Rustem


Greiter TÜRKIYE basarisi, basarisi basarisi TÜRKIYE from Muqdisho Somaalia

Author — Axmad Abdi


*Any European power stealing other resourses or Invading others * : WE came to give you freedom while taking some if not all of your riches.

*Turkey Invading Cyprus to protect the Turkish ethnic group from ethnic cleansing* : aggressors and must be punished.

Author — Mohammad Basil


You are out of your mind. Did you just said "ethnic cleansıng of Cyprıot" ? Yes, there were ethnic cleansıng by Greeks to Turkish People in Cyprus but you would not there to talk the reality.

Author — mustafa tezel sandalli


If there is a problem somewhere, an Englishman has passed. Turks and Greeks are fighting. The only way to peace on the island should be 2 states. and equal rights for all. Turks have no rights in your eyes. likewise, other islands should have been unarmed according to the Treaty of Lausanne. All the islands are full of Greek soldiers. We have no choice but to defend ourselves and you say that the Turks are aggressors. If you want to be fair, try to look at things objectively.



Your former background score was better

Author — Erelf


Tell that to france and their west african colonies

Author — Maddog Basil


Mangology, You used to be more neutral. What change and why are you targetting Turkey all topics and why are you telling as if Turkey is unfair all subjects? Of course you will tell worgs but bout sides. we want to listen natural review. I wish you will turn back this worng.

Author — Sinsi Bozkurt


Turkey needs to deploy drones in Bosnia 🇧🇦. We want Turkish drones ❤️

Author — S C


🇹🇷🇹🇷Zamaninda 6 bin km oteden gelerek sizden anadolu cografyasinin tamamini aldik Yunanistan eger gercekten gucluyse zaten bu gune kadar durmazdi bu sekilde arkasindaki guc Turkiye ile birebir karsi karsiya gelmek istemiyor dogrusu bunu biz de istemiyoruz cunku cok fazla can kaybi olacak ve dunya tekrar sert kutuplasmaya gidebilir.Turkiyenin yaptigi hatayi 92 de ermrnistan da yapti Karabagi aldi fakat kimseye aldigini onaylatamadi.Biz de kibrisi aldik ve bizde onaylatamadik acele edilmeli yoksa Turkiye bundan pek mutlu ayrilamicak.Umarim yapilmasi gerekenler yapilir yoksa kibrisi yem olarak verip bizi Akdenizden sonsuza kadar uzaklastirabilirler

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Turkey needs to help us in Kashmir. We Kashmiris need your help. Indians forces are killing innocent civilians here. You won't hear about it cause our communication and media has been blocked or many many year. Love Turkey from Kashmir. 🇹🇷❤️

Author — Recep Baradar


Can't wait for EU pathetic and feeble reaction. 🇬🇧

Author — Jem Star