SKIATHOS (Σκιάθος), Greece ► Detailed Video Guide, 66 min. in 4K

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Despite its small size, Skiathos with its many beaches and wooded landscape is a popular tourist destination. It has over 60, mostly sandy, beaches scattered around the 44 km coastline.
Everything you need to know about the island of Skiathos (Σκιάθος) in Greece (Ελλάδα) can be found in this detailed 66min video guide. 4K video.

0:00 Skiathos
0:13 Limin Skiathou
0:54 Skiathos Town
1:27 Bourtzi
3:40 Tarsanas beach & Cape Plakes
9:49 Tsiferi
11:00 Megali Ammos
11:18 Mitikas
11:46 Vasilias
12:28 Achladies
13:45 Sklithri
14:27 Tzaneria
15:18 Kanapitsa
16:22 Koutsouri
16:58 Kstodoulou
17:29 Vromolimnos
18:10 Kolios
18:48 Platanias
19:22 Agia Paraskevi
20:10 Gianoulas
20:56 Troulos
21:28 Katharina - Papa
21:55 Maratha
22:33 Koukounaries
25:49 Ambelakia
26:18 Megali Banana
27:41 Mikri Banana
28:09 Agia Eleni
28:41 Krifi Ammos
30:00 Mandraki
30:39 Gournes
32:13 Agistros
32:50 Megalos Aselinos
34:11 Panagia Kounistra
35:07 Mikros Aselinos
37:30 Ligaries
38:45 Kechria
40:23 Panagia Kechria
42:08 Kechria’s Olivepress
45:17 Skiathos Weather Stone
45:53 Pirgi - Agia Anastasia
46:43 Agios Alexandros
47:14 Kastro
49:41 Kastro beach
50:34 Platanos
51:05 Profitis Ilias
51:17 Zoodochos Pigi
52:01 Evangelistria Monastery
55:26 Agios Charalambos
56:23 Lalaria
1:01:40 Blue & Dark Caves
1:01:52 Nikotsara
1:02:32 Megas Gialos
1:02:57 Xanemos
1:03:13 Stygero, Kamini
1:03:26 Tilegrafos
1:04:16 Fournakia
1:04:35 Arkos beach, Arkos Island

Panasonic GH4 camera
DJI Mavic Air drone
DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal

Camera & Edit: © Robert Polášek, 2019


Music by Zero-project
Untold stories of a dying moon - Silent dreams
Fairytale 2 - Ever after
The Lounge Conspiracy - Evening whispers
Dimitris Papageorgiou - Utidanos - Prayer (Instrumental version)

Aurora by Sappheiros is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

A Place To Be by Milez is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA License.

Wanderlust by Nomyn is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 License

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💬 Comments on the video

Greece, paradise on earth. The food, the weather, the landscape, everything was great. Thanks Robert for another amazing video!

Author — J C


Koukounaries, the glitter Beach..
Skiathos is beautiful
So Skopelos and Alonissos..
I'm from Alonissos and that's the best of the sporades

Author — HellenicRambo


Breathtaking and beautiful Greece! As always!

Author — Roo Dee


I ❤ Greece. Best country in Europe for holiday : great beaches, crystal water.

Author — Ilie Pirvu


Beautiful Greece, heaven on earth 🇬🇷💙

Author — Ana V



Author — Penny Lane


Εγω ειμαι απο την Σκιαθο και μενω στην Σκιαθο ειναι ενα πραγματικα τελειο

Author — Mess ___


Greece and the Greek islands are so gorgeous that it is so hard to decide where to go when you only have limited time. I will be visiting Greece this month for a little over 2 weeks. After doing a bunch of research and considerations, I am trying to squeeze Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Hydra, Syros (instead of Mykonos) and of course Santorini. I am so excited for this trip although I am still a bit anxious considering that we are still in the middle of the pandemic. I hope everything goes well as planned. This could be best travel i will ever have. Fingers crossed!

Author — Davis Urdaneta


I m in love with Greece OMG I want to live there.Thank you for the magic videos!

Author — Rodica Ghelesel


Is the nun at Panagia Kounistra still there? She was lovely, she made coffee for my wife and I when we went 3 years ago

Author — HellenicRambo


My favourite islands Beautiful country

Author — V S


Σκιάθος το καλύτερο νησί για διακοπές, συνδιαζει ηρεμία και διασκέδαση μαζί.

Author — Theodoris K


Thank you for your wonderful videos. Each one of them is unique !! Accompanied by magnificent chill-out music which takes me almost there with my mind. All of your videos are calling me like the Sirens song, to take a trip, to explore, to feel on my soul and on my skin, the Greek islands under the light of Appollo.

Author — Nikolaos Apostolidis


Ahhhh the beautiful Greek islands I love them although I have never been one day I will visit these beautiful islands (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤



Our first Greek island holiday after that we choose different island to visit. We returned to this one 18 years later. Still loved this beautiful island and people Bring back the Dracmar!!! 😀 😀 😀

Author — Sheila Whenham


Robert you have divine shots! Thanks you!!!

Author — Алексей Смирнов


Amazing camera work, and calm music. We love ti's place, been many times🏝️👍♥️booked twice for next year 2021.👌🌴💕

Author — Sam And Jenny Sambrook


So heartiness video of all the beauty's of beatiful and very green Skiathos!!
Very good job!!!
Strange thing no tourist!!!

Author — anna traveler


I love your videos 💙Thanks a lot Mr. Polasek! 👏

Author — Hakan Özlen


Είμαι από την όμορφη Ρόδο επίσης όμορφη είναι και ή Σκιάθος... Τά γυρίσματα που κάνατε είναι καταπληκτικά ωραία εικόνα και μουσική... Μου Μπράβο

Author — Laris Pantelidis