Gravitas: World Food Safety Day, 2021

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Is the food on your plate safe? 420,000 people die every year because of contaminated food. Unsafe food can cause over 200 diseases - From diarrhoea to cancer.

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💬 Comments on the video

Someone somewhere in chyna must be eating F E T U S soup as we speak! 😓

Author — Pax Phoren Ministr ꪜ


World doesn't need to increase food production as much as it needs to stop food wastage.... both plant based raw food that's thrown away on the pretext of not meeting EU or US FDA standards and packaged food that has a deliberately calibrated low shelf life. Many poor in these Western countries and so many hungry and poor in other nations could use the vegetables and fruit left to rot by the roadside or dumped in large farms. The most ecologically sane idea that would also reduce carbon footprint would be to eat local. But how can that be possible when the world is connected through the web and commerce drives igniting desires for food that's not native but exotic! Think about it.

Author — Neeru


I try to eat healthy as I can. I always wash my fruits and vegetables and make sure that my food is cooked properly. I even use clean utensils.

Author — Silvia Logan


You guys do a great job. Covering very relevant info..

Author — Georgy Varghese


Last time I got my ph checked at my dentist 2 weeks I had a 7.0 ph level. Seems pretty healthy and oh I still eat meat too lol.

Author — psnisy1234


Food sanitation should be standard across wet markets and food stalls on the streets, especially in india. It’s the step in the right direction

Author — MalignantNarcissist China.Muhammad


Thank God India has protected themselves from Nestle.😆

Author — Grantsapain


My last meal was cooked green leafy veggies with rice and yogurt...

Author — Sahithi Raj


Home-made food is better but must be nutritious.

Author — Siddhant Chaudhary


There was no Railway station in Vadnagar till 1973. Still modi sold tea in that non-existent Station at the age of 5 yrs. How funny.

Author — vemaraju


Please stop sprinkling cowpee on foodstuff exported from India

Author — Nisar Dar