The Taliban seize power in Afghanistan @BBC News live 🔴 BBC

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It's Monday 16 August 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

Afghanistan is now effectively controlled by the Islamist group, almost 20 years after they were ousted.

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President of Afghanistan: Don't worry guys I have a plan.

President of Afghanistan has left the game.



The reporter: so much money wasted, so many military lives lost.
Me: what about the Afghan civilian lives?

Author — John Smith


I my self completed 2 tours in Afghan. When I left the Marines I went back out as a security contractor. What is happening in Afghanistan now is hard to see. Lots of different emotions I am feeling. I have always said that it is the Afghan people I feel for. Yes I signed up and I went out on deployments for what a lot will say “my country” but remember this is not ww1 or 2. Our mission was to help the people of Afghanistan and try and make a country secure from terror and oppression of its people. Look at history. This has never happened for what ever reason a country had for being there. We never learn. We use and we appear to do the right thing but don’t. Part of my emotions is shameful. I feel shameful I was a part of it. But also utter sadness for the lads and mates we lost. And then anger. Anger at a force that waited for the right time to make their move. I know this enemy well having spent a lot of time fighting it. Is it wrong to almost have admiration for them? To say fair play? Well no. They are not stupid but I can’t get behind there regime. Oppression and strict harsh rules of the innocent people. So as I said before it’s the people of Afghanistan I feel for. Sorry if we failed you. Sorry to all the hard working dedicated Afghan friends I have that may be denied or delayed access to a better life. In a nutshell I’m shocked and stunned. Disappointed and sad. Angry.

Author — James Marshall


Remember when the BBC said this was a good thing and Biden was a hero for bringing the troops home, now they're blaming Trump for some reason. They're probably still abusing disabled kids.

Author — jp swaddle


I wonder how long it will take the people of the same ilk to take over the UK, or have they already done it and we just don't realize it yet.

Author — Margaret Kerr


"For twenty years, Afghanistan had stability and democracy."
Lmao. What have you been smoking mate?

Author — M. J. B.


God bless America 🇺🇸 for all their support and funding to the Taliban

Author — Dan Smith


Wish to see in my life US President accepting
We were at fault by attacking innocent human beings. On the basis of HUMANITARIAN RIGHTS lets consider Talibans as a part of same planet earth.

Author — HK Talks


I still can’t believe that this, racism, and sexism is still happening in this modern world. And they thought we’d have flying cars by now

Author — My Cottage Kitchen


Don't you guys worry Elon Musk Is gonna come with his ironman suit and safe the day

Author — Lucteme Legends


I'm pretty sure if a president abandons his own country hes not president anymore.

Author — Sean Ritchwood


2:35 in 20 years Afghanistan had safety and democracy?? What kinda News channel is it?? 20 years Afghanistan had face the hilarious dehumanization examples, at the end people of the local resident took control of power of their own land, I'm not the supporter of Taliban but in this case, they were indulged into war position so they did, they don't accept anyone from far away just come and rule over them, imagine Afghanistan attacking America to take control because America is causing trouble on the name of so called war against terror, does it make sense?

Author — Huśsain Azhar


Boris I actually dont think cares his face literally has one expression.

Author — うん、ここには何も見えない


"For 20 years Afghanistan has had stability, democracy and relative safety"?! What planet has this journalist been living on?

Author — Anwar Pervez


Why do afghans think it was all americas fault ? Their own army gave up

Author — Tmg Clips


I can't imagine what that room in the Presidential Palace smells like.

Author — brandeccohall


Why is it that 40 yeaars ago the Afghans could defeat the Russians without help but can't now deafeat the Taliban?

Author — Vinnie Dixon


Devastating hopefully 🙏 someone will help this poor country back where it belongs. I feel sorry 😞 for the people who has been murdered

Author — Drew Gallo


Pray for the people in Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, the Afghans couldn’t convince the Taliban to accept modern democracy.
Lesson for Americans: Appreciate your freedom. Don’t be so willing to give it away.

Author — my GTR


The answer is simple
Level the entire afghani country ✈️ 💣!

Author — Zazu Zaza