Turkey Vs Greece Military Power Comparison 2021

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Turkey Vs Greece Military Power Comparison 2021 | Greece Vs turkey military 2021 | Turkey Vs Greece
military power comparison 2021

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Hello friends, in this video I have compared military power between Turkey Vs Greece, see who is more powerful.

In this video I have compared you the Army Airforce and Navy of both countries.

This video is made to compare military powers of different states,or to present the military power of one specific nation.
It's not made to cause conflict or violence.

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global fire Power

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support both from Poland, my friends from NATO

Author — Military Comparison


love and support greece from Iran🇮🇷❤🇬🇷

Author — marshal pahlavist


reserve power of Greece is 460 000 but ok :D for your chanel it can be 220 500

Author — Aslanidis Michail


also Greece has 250 Rocket projectors :D

Author — Aslanidis Michail


I'm not taking sides, but the numbers are wrong.



Full support our brothers turkey from Azerbaijan

Author — メ Najmaddin mapper ツ


No point in showing military power any more, UAV's are the future fights, Turkey wouldn't move a single muscle and still win the war, the new age of war is with Lazer weapons and UAV's, Greece doesn't have that kind of technology, neither does Nato (Except for the USA), Turkey has used the Lazer technology on a Chinese UAV in Libya, so yeah, man power no longer exists in todays warfare's, only UAV's and Lazer weapons, also note that it has been reported that China used a Lazer weapon on Indian soldiers according to Indian reporters back in 2019.

Author — Zulkarneyn !


Turkey 1 Aircraft Carrier Instead Of 0

Author — idk what to put


No War. greece neighbor in turkey .policy is not our concern .l love greece🇹🇷♥️🇬🇷♥️🇹🇷🤝🇬🇷

Author — Hans,Sinan bader


Turkey win but i support Greece from Kurdistan in turkey iraq and syria.

Author — Murad 1988


Turkey 🇹🇷 easy win and Turkey 🇹🇷 will easily win the war

Author — Military comparisons power