FETHIYE | Famous TURKISH Fish Market | Turkey Travel series.

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We couldn't visit Fethiye without visiting its famous fish market. It's a must if you come to Fethiye. We also explore the old town & try some local foods before jumping on a boat to Şovalye Island.

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Travel vlog 378 | Filmed Jan 2021 | Fethiye | Country 30/197

#treadtheglobe #Fethiye #vanlife
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We’re Marianne and Chris, a married couple from the UK. After some life changing events we decided that life was just too short. We sold all our belongings, bought an old Campervan & rented our house to travel full time. The aim is to attempt to visit every country in the world in either our van or with a backpack. We started videoing our travels for our family and then decided it was a wonderful way to document and share our adventures.

Our latest adventure started in January 2020 when we left the UK in an attempt to drive our van all the way around the world. Let the adventures continue.

💬 Comments on the video

Turkey is now becoming my favourite `go to` destination, and that produce at the food markets are to die for.

Author — whu58


In Turkey anything is possible! Love it.

Author — jane Walford


Woow, very cool and nice to see you and Mick Amca together. Greetings to all of you.

Author — Emir Gokcen


I dont believe i would ever want to leave Turkey :)

Author — TheMissdior123


For twenty-eight minutes and twenty-seven seconds I forgot all my problems. It was very fun, very nice sharing . When the border was shut, your being in Turkey was a nice chance for us. 🧡🍀

Author — Abdullah GÖRGÜLÜ


I love so many things about Turkey, but I think the boat trips are my personal favourite thing to do. If you get the chance to go on a sunset trip you have to go. It'll melt your heart even more ❣

Author — Lorraine Quinn


You'd better clean hamsi (anchovy) before cooking it :) It has intestines, too.

Author — Erdinç Çiftçi


I’d move to Turkey just for the fish markets!

Author — Karma The Giant


We have traveled most. Of Europe in Motorhomes since 2008 we purchased our 3rd van in July 2020 but gone nowhere since our last trip to Greece 2018 so we are well jealous. Your channel keeps us sane, love it keep them coming 😎🍺🍷 we are now planning a trip t, o turkey after COVID 🤞👍🏼

Author — Cedric Green


Hey, you guys, you certainly do a lot more than the presentation made by government of Turkey, in the best way. You are introducing much more successfuly. You deserved a huge medal :))) Thank you so much.

Author — Akin Cakin


"this is turkey you can do anything" lol so accurate 😂

Author — apriludgate


We’ve stayed at Club Letoonia the resort you passed in the boat. It’s wonderful. Delicious Turkish food & the scenery is spectacular. It’s not too expensive but you really get your money’s worth. Totally recommend for a few days as a vacation within a vacation if you are exploring other areas. Great video- I love the color of the water, keep showing it 💙

Author — De Gunver


Amazing. I'm beginning to think that Turkish people are a kinder people. Their kindness is sincere, it's in their nature. I can hardly wait to be in Izmir.

Author — Carmen Peters


"Can you behave yourselves, please?" That sounds like a trick question, if I've ever heard one! :D Yours is always the best kind of cheeky mischief, both of you. <3

That looked like a perfect day to be on the water! Very romantic setting, indeed. Might be a dangerous place for a husband to bring their wife to, though! ;)

Just the image of doner kebab being carved from that vertical spit set my mouth watering!!! Hearing that they sop up some of the juices with the bread, and seeing all the veg and salad that comes in it, might be the perfect lunch!

Author — Aaron P


The kebab for today’s lunch looked good

Author — mike herbert


CURTAINS DOWN , THATS THE END OF THE DRAMA 😉 You thankless Vagabonds , Its bright sunshine ☀️, crystal clear aqua blues, surrounded by snow capped peaks, lush greenery, the best organic food , nice company and special boat rides and and and its all FREE . WHAT ELSE 🤔. Ok , by now, the Turkish tourism board should be seriously considering to give you guys some kind of an award and official recognition for the endless most wonderfully positive inviting PROJECTION OF TURKEY 🇹🇷 as an excellent place to visit and what makes it so special and Entitles you for a well deserved Medal 🥇 is the fact that all this most beautiful advertisement is being carried out DURING THE COVID CORONA VIRUS GLOBSL PANDEMIC .. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇷 👍👍👍👍👍 MARRIONE & CHRIS . 👫 👌



LOVE that part of town. Our friend had a Carpet Shop there, we used to spend all evening there with him. Memories, Memories!! We love all the Dried Fruits. It’s great to see you all getting one so well. There is a little Crafty type shop I always had to go too to buy Ribbon & Lace at fantastic prices. It is right across from the Fish Market.
Stay Safe everyone from Snowy Scotland!
Patricia 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Author — Patty D


Türkiye ve Türk halkı sizi çok sevdı türkiyenın. Tanıtım yüzü oldunuz size minnettarız teşekkürler...

Author — Hasan Kayalı


marianne said so right
, This is Turkey

Everything is possible if you know how and by whom to get it done

Author — Kaburga dolması


Mick amcanin hastasiyiz! Love Mick Amca, he is already as Turkish as I am!

Author — Sinny Awesome