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The Omicron variant is causing skyrocketing rates of COVID-19 infections in countries around the world. The Director-General of the World Health Organization says he is extremely worried about the massive spike in cases driven by the simultaneous spread of Delta and Omicron.

French authorities reported more than 200,000 infections in a single day. That’s a new French and European record. Italy and Portugal have also all announced a record number of new cases.
In Poland, authorities recorded nearly 800 deaths in a single day - the highest number so far there. Three quarters of the deaths were unvaccinated people.

Germany says its official rates have dropped, but health minister Karl Lauterbach is skeptical we're seeing the true numbers, which he said could be two or three times as high as they may be underreported over the holidays.

In the meantime, Russia tightens restrictions for foreign residents and visitors planning long-term stays. Under the new law, foreigners living in Russia or visitors aiming to stay for longer than three months will be tested for a list of conditions, including COVID-19, HIV, syphilis, tuberculosis, leprosy, and drug addiction. Several multinational corporations operating in the country have criticized the new regulations.

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So glad i found DW on YouTube. Their documentaries are first class and their news is no nonsense and fact based reporting. Brilliant !!

Author — Hassan M. Hassan


I keep all the medical personnel and sick in my prayers...those first responders are overwhelm.

Author — Sheccid


One thing they didn't mentioned here is that Portugal had increased detected cases because it's now mandatory after Christmas, the test results to go expositions, football games and other stuff, even for new year's eve celebrations it's necessary a test done on the pharmacy. With increased testing of course positive cases would get higher.

Author — viiIeiraS


Dw english i really appreciate your channel, if it wasnt for this station i literally wouldnt know whats going on in germany because the other stations report news in german/deutche and although i am going to school and can understand german a bit i cannot understand a word thats being said on the news station, sometimes i feel like what they are teaching in class is not being spoken on the german news channel

Author — Moni Ho


Thank you DW News, where most are biased, and have seemingly never ending panel of opinions, your reports and reporters are always to the point, & without speculation.

Author — Sue M


here in Italy today : 29/12/2021 new daily cases 98.016 (weekly mean 54.566) ; daily deaths 136 (weekly mean 145) IUC beds occupied at 13% -stable, hospital bed occupied ( non critical patients) 10% (+1%) .
even considering the delay between case surge and deaths:
on 14/11/2021 deaths 36, new cases of that day 7.565.  
on 01/12/2021 deaths 103 and 15.073 cases. Therefore after 15 days, twofold of cases, threefold of deaths.
on 21/12/2021 deaths 153 cases 30.700, twofold of cases but increase of 25% of deaths (not 300%).

Meaning: the deaths curve is flattening while the cases curve is peaking.
Instead on 15/11/2021 cases at the peak 33.977, peak deaths 993, IUC 100% occupied and the deaths curve strictly mirrored the cases curve with a 13-15 days delay.
Surely a very different picture.

Author — Ambra Abate


Very unusual to have a German news channel spoken in English. Thanks from the USA. I Appreciate your perspectives and sharing information.

Author — TheOldBoy101


Poland 's deaths are all delta deaths not omicron. No omicron deaths in Poland yet. The high number of deaths today is also the result of significant backlog in reporting during Christmas eve and 2 days of Christmas . So it's not as bad as it seems.

Author — gnrfanhad


A new study published on the preprint server bioRxiv assesses the antiviral activity of stenoparib against four severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) variants of concern (VOCs). This study also focuses on the inhibition of the SARS-CoV-2 Alpha variant by a combination of stenoparib and remdesivir.

The researchers of the current study also evaluated the inhibitory action of a combination of stenoparib and remdesivir against the Alpha variant. When combined, the drugs acted synergistically and plaque inhibition increased to over 90%

Author — Mats Svensson


Whatever we choose to allow to continually roll around in our hearts, minds & thoughts, directly affects what goes on in our brains and bodies. Let the redeemed say so, the rest will follow.

Author — Lenny Fitzgerald


Congratulations DW on reaching 3M subs ! 👍 Myself joined when DW had < 200k subs. Well deserved thru unbiased, professional, fair and responsible journalism !

Author — genesis1


Hospital admissions barely increasing...

Author — rollmeister


Philippines was also seeing the up-ward shoot of cases, yesterday 5, 400 today 10000 plus!
in a country with had only 54 % of its population vaccinated, ours might be more worse!

Author — Harold Godwin dela Cruz


Awesome debate here about thr raise cases of the covid -19, how leads any country decimated for their excellence in his field also

Author — Mr.Nitesh Kumar Mishra


Strange. Its life as normal in South Africa....

Author — mark loubser


Just some observations from my work at a home care oxygen supplier:
- Whereas our pool of customers used to be mainly people with lung cancer, heart failure and cystic fibrosis, up until today over 70% diagnosed corona or pneumonia (if they're not sure it's corona);
- We've served thousands of people in the last 2 years, yet the amount of deaths of corona without proven comorbidity is at most 20 or so. All of them occurred in the first few months of the pandemic.
- For the last two months or so, over half of the delivered oxygen concentrators are being returned within days, either being used for just one day or not being used at all.
- Of all the people who died of/with corona, almost all of them were over 60.

And one very weird observation that should seriously be investigated: People who are diagnosed with lung cancer who later contract corona have a relatively high chance of getting off oxygen completely once they recover from it. It almost seems as if a corona infection in some cases delays the progress of cancer?!

My conclusions:
- While the corona virus initially was a nasty virus it became milder as time went by and mutations came and went;
- The virus never was the mass killer it was made out to be, and even became less so as time went on. The apparent staggering amount of deaths were primarily caused by comorbidity, the massive volume of infected cases combined with the skewed reporting by the media;
- GP's and hospitals are still eager to diagnose as corona are still treating people as if we're still dealing with the first nasty variants. So do governments. Neither of them have adapted strategy according to new developments;
- Whille vaccination may initially have been very sensical, it's becoming less and less necessary for the bulk of people. You may get sick for a while but you'll most likely survive without problems.

Author — Propagandasaurus Rex


You should report the percentage of positive tests, not just the absolute number of cases. More tests => More Cases, but not => higher infections.

Author — Alessandro M


Yeah I too come to DW again and again due to the quality of research.

Author — Simon Green


Favorite news channel thank y'all very very very much!

Author — abtheflagman


why do you mention the Poland's record death count in context of the omicron wave, when it is clear that these are delta victims? omicron has not really started yet in Poland.

Author — szulat