The secret history of Israeli nuclear arsenal

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This video explores the history behind the myth/fact of Israeli nuclear weapons program and its nuclear arsenal. When did it all start, how the program evolved, what weapons Israel might have and what nuclear use strategy does it rely on.

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Castle Romeo, by United States Department of Energy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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Next up: The secret history of Binkov's nuclear arsenal.

Author — Anik Samiur Rahman


US: "what's ya got there?"
Israel: "a smoothie"

Author — Michael


Germany: Sorry about War World II. Here some potentially nuclear capable submarines.
Israel: Jeez... Thanks

Author — Electro Fan


Hiding nuclear weapons from international community is like trying to hide your collectibles from your wife.

Author — Chico Veinte Minutos


Binkov: Telling the secret history of Israel nuclear arsenal.

Mossad agency: He's known to much take him down.

Author — azj_2002


Israel : Nuclear ambiguity
India : strategic ambiguity
Sierra Leone : governement existence ambiguity

Author — Vladimir Putin


I arrived in South Africa at the age of 3 and left 10 years later. My dad was the business manger at Helderberg College. A PhD named Brozio was recruited from Germany to teach but later went to work for the SA nuclear program. SA was energy embargoed and so built a nuclear power plant who's cooling towers are next to the road into Cape Town. The irony is that Dr. Brozio used to come over to our house and we would play "Risk" - a board game of geopolitical maneuver and conquest...

Author — Marvin Green


Binkov was found turned inside out in the laundry hamper. It was deemed a suicide.

Author — First Last


Your info is mostly very accurate, for any of the unclassified info widely available. However the Dimona complex was upgraded by the early 2000s so it's not the 1950s relic, and it runs around 200mw now days. The artillery shells were long since retired, as the delivery system was in the 90s.

Author — Jonathan Tarrant


For more on the history of the topic, highly recommend the book "The Bomb in the Basement" by Michael Karpin.

Author — 8andahalfby11 EndOfTheEarth


There’s a line from Yes, Minister. “It doesn’t have to be official. Just so long as everyone knows it.”

Author — Activated Complex


Plausible deniability, because getting nukes violates various treaties. Plausible undeniability, because if your enemies think you're bluffing then it isn't really going to be effective. Got to get that balance right XD

Author — HorzaPanda


Israeli military: "We installed this nuclear security system. Should we put the sticker on the window now to ward off burglars?"
Israeli intelligence: "Yeah, but take a sharpie and add a question mark on it."

Author — Engineeringwizard11


The phrase I like to use is: "It is generally understood that Israel has nuclear weapons"

Author — HalfLifeExpert1


Next stop of the Stuxnet worm: Binkov’s PC.

Author — Pac1fic0


You’re a brave guy binkov
I would even touch this region of the wrold with a 10ft stick lol

Author — Logan Taylor


Not knowing something is far more frightening then knowing something. It doesn't allow you to prepare.

Author — Sander Zewald


Basically every one jokes about the "textile" factory in dimona

Author — ariel shligman


They most likely tested their nuke during the vela incident. Seeing as how South Africa when they announced they had nukes and dismantled them they also said that was not them

Author — Ben Melenius


Kinda like one of my Navy bases in Northern California in the early 90's. We were nuclear potential, not nuclear capable. Just need to know what the difference means. Nuclear capable means rapid deployment. Nuclear potential means not built, the warheads are here and the tailfins are over there. If only the anti military types in the Bay Area knew what was on Alameda at the time, they would have freaked out.

Author — Michael Christensen