Geoeconomics of the Istanbul Canal

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BAKU - After being elected into another term in June 2018, President Erdogan of Turkey is getting ready to construct an ambitious new waterway on the European side of Istanbul. The canal will be the third megaproject in the city after a new continent-crossing bridge was completed in 2016 and the world’s largest airport will be finished by the end of the year. Yet, the government’s vision for a new canal also carries extensive geo-economic consequences for the Black Sea domain.

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Turkey: *builds canal*

Bosporus: am I a joke to you

Author — Panthir 67


Could you make a video on 'Trade War' between US and China?

Author — Yousuf Ibrahim Khan


10 minutes of CaspianReport are worth more than 2 semesters of conventional education.

Author — Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec


I'm confused. You know how to pronounce a crazy word like Küçükçekmece, yet you don't know the 'g' in Erdogan is silent. Great video btw!

Author — I G


“Government of alderaan” *heavy imperial breathing*

Author — Chickens for the Chicken god


I think you have a mistake. According to Montreaux, even with the canal, US can't keep its war ships in the Black Sea more than 21 days.

Author — ytcio


to the people asking "why would anyone pay to cross, when you can cross Bosporus for free" its the same principle of why would someone use a toll bridge, when there is another for free. you see the "free" crossing is over crowded, and has an incredibly long waiting time, to not wait, the wealthier people pay a fee to use toll bridges. and if they are using those bridges, then the traffic is lowered on the "free" bridge.

Author — John Black


Shirvan, I'm planning on becoming king of the UN, and I want you as my political adviser.

Author — Ka Fon


Russia deserves this after what they did to Syrian people.

Author — Shaikh Azam


This channel is a real jam! Keep going on m8

Author — Nico Heintel


Im with my shovel now, lets dig the hell out of this river

Author — Abraham Elkayim


Thank you, this was highly informative. I appreciated the clear and straightforward treatment of maritime issues related to the Bosporus and civilian and military access to the Black Sea.

Author — ttystikk rocks


While others report on gossip, Shirvan reports on the things that will actually change the world!

Author — Keith Colangelo


The geopolitical implications of these mega projects reports are really interesting. Thanks for reporting on this. Hope to see more!

Author — 134343


Your quality is crazy good, your grasp on geopolitics is immense. Great job, it's quality education

Author — Elektrotehnik


Great news report.
Thank you to you and your team for the research and time to create and post this report.
Most interesting and informative.

Author — smacurface


I love bosphorus, i have so many great memories playing it in one of the games of my childhood! :)

Author — Martin 1.0


I have watched many episodes from the Caspian report. The breadth of your topics is stunning and seems to come with a real understanding of the local issues

Author — Brian JOnker


i love watching your videos, good info Shirvan!

Author — Carlos Becerra


If it's viable, the question of finance does NOT arise.

Author — in like a refugee