Rococo Deluxe Edition - Why Own It? Mechanics & Theme Board Game Review

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We're going to the BALL! Category is: Louis XV lavish gown realness. Join us as we learn to tailor gowns and frock coats to sell and rent them to the most distinguished guests of the ball. Get noticed in all the halls, and line yourself up for a prime position (or two) in front of the fireworks show!

Rococo Deluxe Edition
00:00 Introduction
01:43 Theme overview (Themer)
03:03 Mechanics overview (Thinker)
08:04 Thematic integration (Themer)
11:18 Game play experience & initial thoughts
16:27 Solo mode (Themer)
18:50 Discussion of player count
21:00 More chit chat (including the expansion & why own it)

Designer: Matthias Cramer, Stefan Malz & Louis Malz
Players: 1-5
Play time: 60-120min
Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games + 6 more

Thanks for stopping by for our mechanics & theme board game review of Rococo Deluxe Edition. We're Amy & Maggie aka ThinkerThemer. We're an Australian couple with two very different perspectives of what makes a great board game - Amy (Thinker) is all about the mechanics and enjoys tight, competitive games, and Maggie (Themer) is all about the storytelling and the theme of the game, and the 'world' that the designer is trying to create. Subscribe to our channel to hear us talk about these two elements of a game, and how well integrated we feel these are in delivering a cohesive and wonderful game experience.
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💬 Comments on the video

They designed the expansion for Altiplano. Reiner Stockhausen designed Altiplano. He also designed Orleans.

Author — Lee Curkeet


Thanks for the great review! That’s a good point about the heteronormative aspect to the goals, I’m sorry to say that never occurred to me. But that’s exactly why I’m so happy to see you both sharing your voices :)

Author — Ian O'Toole


Maggie: These are your employees, people with different skill levels, these ones here are the master tailors
Amy: *aggresive nodding* The gold cards
Talking about thematic integration, one bit that I really like is the musicians in each hall giving you the tie breaker. Every time a person that wears one of your dresses comes into the hall, the music accompanies them for a great entrance, you can also imagine the change of tune for one of your competitors. It's such a fun theme.

Author — Sergio


If you want to increase the difficulty for Madame Du Barry try using 5 cards for her per round instead of 4.

Author — JulietMcArthur


I now count myself as a gay man that went when you introduced this game to me

Author — Chris Goff


Also, if you are not aware. Ian O'Toole also lives in Australia. Perth I believe

Author — NemoMangelk


Always appreciate your player count discussions!

Author — Emilia M


Love the diversity and heteronormative comments. It means a lot to hear someone speaking up for us and the more you talk about it the more people should take note in the future ☺️. I had the same worry when I first saw the Obsession theme, I thought no way am I chasing after that Charles guy the whole game 🤣. Thankfully it’s not the case!

Author — Lauren Ford


Maggie "fighting" Amy over the 100% better half comment is me pretending to fight someone when they offer to pay for lunch. "No, no oh OK sure." hahaha.

Author — TableTop Sauce


You ladies do it again! This is an instant add to my collection and one that Delilah said she is interested in trying. Simply for how well you say the theme is integrated. So looks like I have another to try with her for “The Challenge”!

Author — The Lobby Of Hobbies


Ha, you won't get me this time, ThinkerThemer ... but only because I already splurged on this one last month. :-) I'm even more excited to get it to the table now, and am happy to hear that it works for less-seasoned gamers. I'm thinking I may be able to teach it to my nieces. Thanks for another great review.

Author — Jim OKelley


Don't know this game (or Ian O'Toole!) But it looks amazing. And as always, love the thinker/theme bit. Amy explaining mechanically, and then Maggie correcting with correct themed terminology always makes me laugh. You've made me realise that I go back and forth between the two, and do so when I teach rules too!

Author — bookmarks and bookshelves


I really enjoy the way you tackle board games and your reviews videos are from the best in my opinion. You have a way to explain the game through the theme that makes it more approachable and understandable and when you treat the mechanics of the game its a perfect way to understand if someone will enjoy the game or not, according to what a person searches in a game experience. Really enjoy your content, keep it up girls and always have fun!

Author — Nataly K


Another really good review from you both. My ancestor Ann Farrow from Wells, Norfolk England was a dressmaker in 1882 she would of enjoyed this game!

Author — Paul Allison


Does Maggie ever play game inspired music to help with theme submersion? We do that all the time and we really love it.

Thank you for the video!

Author — Wolf 310


Thanks so much for reviewing another game I really regret not backing! I'm still so tempted to try and get it but your 2 player and solo perspective helped to temper that some. Love your reviews and perspectives, especially the hetronormative goals in this one. Thanks, as always!

Author — Omar Hernandez


Any feudum reviews? I like to know what your thoughts on it. Thanks ladies! Stay safe and stay beautiful 🙂

Author — Luvin Perez


Such a pretty game. Not one I would buy for myself and I would be a bit bugged with how the replayability could be better for such an expensive game but would be a joy to play one day with friends. Thanks again for the review Amy and Maggie. Love how there's a theme to what Maggie wears for reviews.

Author — Morganix01


Loved this, your excitement for the game was palpable! It does look like a really fun setting and certainly a nice change of pace from the usual euro-themes. Sadly, once again, no player-powers? But it's so pretty, I might have to make an exception. And I don't own any game with Ian O'Toole art in it yet! :o

Author — MaVarcon


What a fabulous review! While I have not played it, I would like to. It drips with a theme so glamorous and light-hearted, if done well (with great components and art work) it should be irresistible. Thanks sisters.

Author — Wayne Tinlin