ISTANBUL Travel Vlog | Spice Market & Galata Tower

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An amazing day, eating local foods, exploring the spice market & back streets. We get a bug surprise heading over the bridge as we headed to the Galata tower. Our best day out in Turkey so far

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Travel vlog 309 | Istanbul | Country 30/197

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💬 Comments on the video

Just cats alone makes me want to go to Istanbul. I adore cats💜

Author — Gloria Valenzuela


Hi guys, the funniest thing I had in Turkey was a haircut, I sat the chair I told him what I want he said " do you want shampooing " I said No, but I got it anyway, then he gave me a shoulder and back massage, and finally he set my ear hair on fire, it's something I'll never forget, my wife was in stitches with laughter, stay safe and healthy 😀🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Author — jimrodda


Your videos are an awesome insight into the lovely Turkish people.

Author — Joanne DeFalco


Great to see you out and about ..The amazing friendly Turkish people 👍looks great ❤️💙❤️❤️

Author — ZeroHour


I have never seen water that clear and Dolphins in Istanbul. Maybe this Corona-Virus will remind us to think about how we are treating our environment.

Author — Gerd Papenburg


Amazing Istanbul, love it! We visited in 2005. I could literally taste your Turkish breakfast from memory! All Turkish food is so good. Hopefully we will return one day because there is so much more to see. Your videos have been a joy to watch and can’t wait to journey around Turkey with you! Thankyou 👏👏👏😍

Author — Noreen Goulding


This is such a great vlog! Just found your channel. We quit our jobs to full time travel in March and got stuck in our first country of Japan. we are thinking of flying to Turkey next week! So fun to see things open there are you interacting with locals!! Such a great video!

Author — DjusLife


Man I imagine what kinds of history has happened in a spice market like that, and who has eaten spices from that market in history....

Author — Bobs Advanture with Scooters


This is incredible! I am happy we made it and hard days are behind! Next month I will be in Turkey and exploring around as well for a few months and make videos! You are an inspiration, new subscriber here from Prague :)

Author — Davud Akhundzada


I have heard so many wonderful things about Turkey. Your travels only confirm it. I'm sure people are especially nice because you seem especially nice too!

Author — kelly Sadezwicz


You should visit these cities in Turkey; KAPADOKYA, PAMUKKALE, MARDİN.. just Google the names of them and I am sure you will want to visit

Author — Gökçen Çelikel


This year we can't go to Turkey but you 2 are doing it 4 my thank you sow much, respect from Turkish guy living in Netherlands 🇹🇷🇳🇱



Very nice video :) i want to go in Istanbul in future

Author — EPICtravelTV


A very good Video about Istanbul! Well done!

Greetings from Germany😄 🇩🇪 🇹🇷

Author — Trabzon 61


Chris and Marianne ... For weeks I have been watching your episodes but now I can say you are doing the best days of touring...

Author — Ahmed AlShalchi


Amazing episode guys, so much excitement and we want that liquid Turkish Delight Jam 🤪🤪 Trev n Sue

Author — Poshcats Camping


Brings back great memories of my visit to Istanbul. Love watching your videos, keep it up for all of us to enjoy!

Author — Hana Spacek


Hi guys, oh guys that Breakfast. Looks good😋😍
Am really craving Travel🌍. Dolphins 🐋 cool, we saw Dolphins in Gibraltar but thats great you saw them in Turkey. Your both in the best place guys. Enjoy life slowly comingslowlyto Normal.🌍😚😍😍💓💓💓💓

Author — fiana jojiana


Hello Chris & Marianne! Love, Love, Love this Video. Beautiful Istanbul, Great food. Much Love to you both. I got my tank top, Yeay!!!! Where can I send you the picture of me wearing it. Take care....

Author — Desde el Inicio


We love you so much !!! Come back again in Istanbul, Good luck !

Author — Yılmaz AYAZ