Russia: Bosnia will be second Ukraine if joins NATO

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Russia has warned Bosnia that it could be the next target of the Kremlin following Ukraine. Russian ambassador for the European country, Igor Kalbukhov said Moscow 'will heavily respond' if Bosnia wants to join NATO.

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The fact they have to cross NATO countries to get there, I highly doubt it.

Author — Mash709


"Russia has warned Bosnia that it could be the next target of the Kremlin following Ukraine."
I have a hard time to see how that would happen. Ukraine bordered Russia directly, and Russia could easily invade Ukraine. Bosnia have several countries in between, and among them E.U. and NATO countries. Russia have to cross them all.
By sea Russia have to invade European waters, and again cross NATO countries.

Author — SysGhost


Coming from Bosnian, we don't want war, we want to do business and we want to trade, with everyone. Russia shouldn't see any threat for them in Bosnia, we just want to live our lives in peace and prosperity. Please let us be.

Author — edgarallanpoe


we will fight to the last drop of blood if necessary to protect Bosnia and Herzegovina. Greetings from Sarajevo

Author — hodzyyc


Russia: Bosnia will be second Ukraine if it joins NATO!

Bosnia: is that a compliment?

Author — Avante Lvsitania


The best political analysis channel translates to almost all languages ❤

Author — Mido


So how do you justify this Kremlin bots? Bosnia is nowhere near the Russian border.

Author — SASHA


Russian troops are struggling to overcome a mere Ukrainian army by losing the fights and facing huge embarrassment. So for Bosnia it is the best time to join Nato, as after the war with Ukraine Russia will have only nuclear blackmail.

Author — Rem Akbar


That will be an own goal and a case of alliance with consequences for Europe.
How will Russia deliver weapons to Serbia if it believed NATO had released airspace over Romania or anywhere else in NATO territory.

Author — And Stavp


As if Russia is not busy enough in special military operations, Putin added another one onto the long list ....

Author — TV Gerbil


It makes sense this would happen look at the military training all over Europe especially in Italy and Switzerland 🇨🇭 they are getting ready for war

Author — Marc Mona


Too many members in NATO could reduce its homogeneous objective and weaken its command, control and operational output. EU countroes since WWII have not ben together and evolved common cotizenship and other industrial needs and labor use.

Author — amarjeet sehmi


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Author — Rebecca Bryant


Republika Srpska in Bosnia reminds me of Prussia in Poland but with more border gore

Author — Just a Hungarian guy


I am in bosnia currently and I CANT BELIEVE Russia threatens my DAMN Favourite country. NO WAR

Author — Adnan Bukovica


If the Brittish or the USA are not going to help us against Serbia, Turkey should.

Author — Dino Cengic


If Bosnia doesn’t join nato this year it will be game over

Author — Denis SsSsS


And we should take the threat seriously no doubt

Author — Mr.M1Garand 25


They can only do that if they manage to defeat Ukraine, which at the moment it doesn't seem like they can. So the best time for Bosnia to join would be now.

Author — feralbear3615


seeing Ukraine invasion, i ever thought Ukraine was the "second Bosnia" ...

Author — Fabio Artos Cassone