15 Biggest Military Machines Ever Made !

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Don't listen to anyone who tells you “size doesn't matter!” When it comes to military machines, nothing is more important than size and power…. Today we’re going to show you the biggest military vehicles ever created! There are no barriers for them! Watch to the end. You’ll be amazed.

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As impressive as these engineering marvels are, it’s kind of sad we consistently use the greatest minds on Earth to build things that destroy. Imagine if we used the determination it takes to build these machines to advance the human race.

Author — MannyXj1


Wow... the Tu-160 is way more impressive than I ever realised! I never knew it could reach almost half the altitude of GEO satellites. Why aren't they using it for orbital insertion?

Author — Kor Krow


The Caspian Sea Monster's little brother! The MD-160, Lun ekranoplan is the most impressive, because it was a ground-effect behemoth. Utilizing the "sweet spot" between the land or sea and the open air is an amazing achievement.

Author — higgme1ster


1:08 I actually live near there! That thing is enormous

Author — O5-3


That surface effect aircraft was amazing. Imagine the closing speed

Author — Colin Genge


The fact he included the Jeep at the end is quite impressive in itself. It is dubbed the most impressive in my book 👍🏻

Author — Jolly Savage


16, 000 km altitude? Crazy. I thought it was only 100km to space. Who knew

Author — C P


The Char 2C was a bit bigger in 1 or 2 dimensions, but the Maus was overall JUST as large while having a MUCH greater mass (due to a LOT more armor) and a lot more hitting power.
I would give the Char an honorable mention though as one of the 2 world's biggest tanks that were ever built.

Author — Brice Fleckenstein


Hold up the Tu-160 apparently can fly at ‘16000 km’ even though space begins at 100 kilometres meaning It couldn’t ever go past space because there would no longer be any air to get lift from 🤔 and that also means since it flys at ‘16000 km’ that it can fly at 50 million feet but the highest altitude ever reached was achieved by an x plane called a x-15 which only reached a petty 300, 000 feet 🤔

Author — Melted Minecraft


When a battlecruiser turns into "the most largest and most powerful battleship ever" is damn cool

Author — lava mons!!!


Sometimes you need small but powerful things

Author — ShiningCar Eight-Two-Eight-Four-Five


That bomber goes thousands of kilometers high huh? Wow that’s a record of something.

Author — Ben Barber


Tu-160 can go to 9, 900 MILES in the air?! Methinks that might be the horizontal range, not the vertical...

Author — Name


The maus often became easy targets at
There were only 2 ever built and both never were used in combat, never came out of prototype stage an never even left the place they were tested at.
2nd thing, the nuclear cruiser isnt the largest, the Battleship Yamato was bigger and had the most destructive cannons ever mounted on a ship.

Author — someone


*Fact Check at **8:34* - The ceiling height of the Tu-160 is actually only 16, 000 Metres (9.9 Miles = 52, 000 feet) so the given information is 1, 000 times out.
Even a old 1960/70's Avro Vulcan nuclear bomber had a ceiling of 55, 000 ft (17, 000 M) - So the Tu-160 is not so special in this respect.

Author — PA Brennan


The Maus "often became an easy target at crossing" - yeah... you do know how many of these were built? And how many were in the field? And how many of these were fired at, in the field, even at a crossing??

Author — Istvan Fünfgang


I would love to have one of those massive Jeep Willy’s, that thing was cool!!

Author — S. E. C-R


At the 8:35 mark, they say the Tu-16O can fly at an altitude of 9, 942 miles! REALLY? IS THAT A MISPRINT?
9, 942 MILES TIMES 5, 280 feet per mile = over 52 million feet, or 1, 485 as high as a 747!

The Space Shuttle flew at 700, 000 feet!

Author — rdelrosso2001


That Sea Plane blew me away!! looks bigger than Antonov 255!

Author — chapusa100


I would also like to point out that if the Lun weighted 243 tons, and it max cargo weight was 500 tons, as that’s more than the plane itself, it was be physically impossible for it to take off

Author — Serpent 908