Russia-Ukraine Conflict Live News Updates: Russia halts gas supplies to Poland & Bulgaria | WION

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict Live News Updates: Russia halts gas supplies to Poland & Bulgaria | WION

It has been several weeks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, and scores of civilians have lost their lives in the conflict. Armies of both countries have been involved in intense fights since Russian troops entered Ukraine. In the latest, Russian missiles flew over nuke plant in Kyiv, putting the safety of the plant at risk. Now, Russia halts gas supplies to Poland & Bulgaria.

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U.S. provided Ukraine with intelligence used to shoot down a Russian plane carrying hundreds of troops in the early days of the special military operation. Prolonging hostilities in Ukraine might lead to extremely negative consequences and cause war throughout Europe. The fighting could unfold all over Europe, which would be a huge disaster for all European states, as well as for the whole world. U.S. has turned Ukraine into a NATO member state. Never before has any member of the alliance received so much support from the United States, especially in terms of weapons. U.S., UK, France, Germany, and Poland is trying to drag Russia into a long war in order to deplete Russia's economic and military power. A protracted war in Ukraine threatens to lead to unimaginable consequences, also the likelihood of the use of nuclear weapons.

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it's about time keep supplying there enemies

Author — Black 7