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How can we harness hydrogen for energy? What are its advantages? Does this technology really have a future?

In this video we will answer these questions and give you all the essential details to learn more about a technology that many scientists and experts believe could be the solution to all the energy problems and challenges that exist today. Could hydrogen be the checkmate for the powerful fossil fuel industry?

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VisualPolitik : Hydrogen will end Oil

Saudi Arabia : Produces Hydrogen from Oil

Author — Numan S.


Here in Canada, we dump electricity daily during low uses periods for hydro generators and when we power down our reactors. During these periods, we pay our U.S. neighbours to take our electricity surplus because the problem is that our system have no storage capacity. Compress liquid hydrogen and the fuel cell will solve that. Lithium batteries are expensive, bulky and degrade over short periods of time which is why industry such as hospitals that require a constant reliable source of electricity still use diesel generators as a backup. The amount of time hydrogen can be stored is limitless which is why no company has abandoned r&d. The question is not how to use it but rather when will it be implemented.

Author — garald tao


I've been seeing quite a few Nexo's here in S.Korea despite the lack of infrastructure. I live in the present, hence Kia Soul EV.

Author — Quantumese Boy


These days if you're not spending to recover, then stop spending 💰

Author — JD Faulk


A plane flying with hydrogen as a fuel would be a sight to see.

Author — Xanhorn


Germany has 91 Hydrogen stations, 16 in progress of being built and at least one regional train line with Hydrogen train in operation.
And you've forgot to mention biggest interest group in Hydrogen - Metallurgy - who are looking at hydrogen as a material for zero carbon Steel production

Author — Anton Kovalenko


The main problem for hydrogen is thermodynamics, don't see getting around that one any time soon. There will be a large hydrogen market but not for road transport BEV's are cheaper and easier and will remain so.

Author — Turning Point


This was a bit underwhelming. There's more things you can do with hydrogen - you can for example mix it with natural gas and make your home heating more ecological until we have better solution and so on.

Author — Miroslav Houdek


In the canary islands there is a project to produce Green hydrogen with marine wind farms, I hope it's not a boondoggle and works

Author — Néstor Abreu Jiménez


These are the early signs that the oil companies and oil-rich countries will soon go out of business! ⚠️

Author — Cyrus The Great


Chile is currently going full Hydrogen since they discovered they are basically the gods of possible Green Hydrogen production, just like they did with Copper

edit: And Solar, obviously, how could I forget, just to name Cerro Dominador

Author — Felipe Oyarzún


No, because the amount of energy required to produce hydrogen is massive and unless produced by renewables, doesn't break the carbon loop. I worked at Ballard Fuel Cells in Canada for 4 years.

Author — Christopher Meisner


The regional trainline in my area is switching form diesel to hydrogen (until 2022/23), produced form water with electricity form a hydroelectric dam.

Author — TheFlauxPas


You have to change the FPS you’re filming at so you don’t get the light flicker in the blue backlight

Author — Eduardo Rigonato


Always liked Hydrogen Fuel cells. In practice, it seems like a more easily implemented concept with fewer tradeoffs. Hope we do get an affordable car with this design or more incentives to develope it further.

Author — Jacob Huff


what about the so called deuterium? can it be used as fuel? some vloggers say they can be abundantly found in the benham rise in the philippines

Author — Seth Draws Vlog


thanks, thats exactly saying everyone when having the electric vs. hydrogen conversation with someone

Author — Mr D


All forms of clean generation and storage should be on the table. What works best for each unique region will get sorted out. On Hawai'i they have a deep geothermal well that can produce unlimited clean H2. There will be no single solution. Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks.

Author — David Cox


12:42 On the pie chart the left side (dark blue) depicting busses and trucks should be 27% not 23 % ?

Author — H Pethkar


I have been writing to world environment ministers to adapt H². Thanks for the supporting true video

Author — Angelstel