The World's Most UNUSUAL Central Bank (that's even LISTED on the STOCK EXCHANGE)

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There are two challenges you should never enter into with a Swiss national: one is skiing and the other is money.

Despite having just over 8.5 million inhabitants and being nestled amongst tranquil mountains, the Swiss Confederation has become not only one of the richest countries in the world but also a safe haven for the world's great fortunes.

However, in this new collaboration with Value School, we are not going to focus so much on the Swiss economy as the very odd institution that has become an important player in the global financial market in recent years: the Swiss central bank, otherwise known as the Swiss National Bank.

The central bank of Switzerland is so peculiar that it is listed on the stock exchange, has the lowest interest rates in the world, and for many experts has already become a real Hedge Fund. Do you want to know more about an institution that in 2019 alone made $50 billion in profits? In this video, we give you all the details.

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Negative interest rates, quantitative easing, zombie companies on the stock exchange and central banks like Japan and Switzerland buying stocks. We living in an Era of vodoo economics

Author — Ufulu Majawa


Norway:"we are better than warren buffet in investment"
Swiss:"hold my cheese..."

Author — Hanz Chriz


VisualPolitik: *"You can become a shareholder of the Swiss Central Bank"*
Me: *"Write that down! Write that down!"*

Author — Economics in Action


Swiss- Printing "too much" money without causing inflation or losing confidence in the currency.
Argentina- Write it down. Write it down. (before the next inflation).

Author — Kan Nan


Swiss banknotes fun facts:
- on the current 200 CHF banknotes, take a look at the very small silver text below the hand and the globe: there is the story of the universe, in exponential notation (seconds and years), from the big bang until today. Every banknote has something interesting in that text but this is the coolest;
- the 1000 CHF banknote is the one with the highest nominal value in the world;
- on every banknote there is a globe; it’s rotated slightly on every different banknote, completing a full revolution from the 10 CHF note to the 1000 CHF one;
- there are human hands depicted on every banknote; on the hands, there is a square with a cross, the Swiss flag; if you use a powerful macro lens, you will see that the flag is made of microscopic text.
- you can pay cash in stores up to one hundred thousand CHF, without having to show any documents to the clerks, but you must show a valid document to the exchange office if you want to exchange more than the equivalent of five thousand CHF;
- the majority of the Swiss people loves banknotes, digital payment is of course common but not so massively used by people like, for example, in Sweden;
- no one grunts and stares badly at you if you pay something cheap with an high value banknote, forcing a lot of change from the cashier; this is very different for example in Italy, where not having cash close to the exact amount to pay is frowned upon.

Author — U DN


Its all because of negative interest rates, lower taxes and protection of investment, which add value into currency and increase in purchase power. Salute to their economist

Author — Nousherwan Soomro


The Federal Reserve shares are owned by American banks and is a private institution.

Author — Price Harris


.28% is still better than the average saving account interest these days.

Author — Andrew Dobbin


I have been investing in currencies and I was lucky to jump into crypto currencies years ago. I know how much profit I have accumulated in bitcoin. Maybe some day I would be changing my bitcoin to Swiss Franc

Author — Zigler Bree


I'd love to invest, but first I need money...

Author — Mariola Wielicka


Interesting content. However, Norway has a similar strategy, this is not unprecedented. It's on a video on this channel.

Author — Enrico C


Austrian here, speaking of skiing, I definetly mess with the swiss :D

Author — KongDiddy


I mean, technically the Swiss National Bank IS a Sovereign Wealth Fund by operation at this point

Author — Nathan Di Noia



The Swiss people are Cantonese

Author — Vamavid


Ah yes, another Visualpolitik video where you immediately skip to the third minute coz the first 2 are for selling shit you don't need. Ok at least this time the real talk starts from 01:22.

Author — Kay Ndi


7:01 That's Hallstatt in Austria though and not Switzerland.

Author — Onil Marte Navarroza


It's nice to know that they have such an efficient system

Author — Amirthesh Prasad


Love your channel. Especially when you talk about my home country 😉 I'm always interested to hear what other people think of Switzerland 🇨🇭 Look forward to your next one 😁

Author — Aidan Mitchell


Why am I even paying taxes if they have that much money? 🤔

Author — newyam


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Author — daisy alvarado