This is the Future of the Turkish Navy

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The presence and visibility of the Turkish Naval Forces (Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri) have increased considerably within the Blue Homeland doctrine framework for several years. Regional disputes require Turkish naval forces to deploy more at sea. Thus, the Turkish defense industry's national policy has supported the continuously active Turkish Navy (TN), and a force composition is formed with indigenous weapons and systems.

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Love and respect turkey from Malaysia, .

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Keep going turkey Muslim world need to be protected from western hidden games they have played us for over a century now ! Lots of love from Afghanistan 🇦🇫🇹🇷🇦🇫🇹🇷🇦🇫🇹🇷

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Love Turkey, becoming stronger again. Soon top 10 in all domains

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Love our Turkish gardasan from Bangladesh

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lot of love from pakistan to our iron brothers

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We are proud of You Turkey.With love from brotherly Azerbaijan🇦🇿🇹🇷👍

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Awesome it's very modern technology and very very effective.
Well done Turkey.

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Turkey great from Malaysia:")
Turkey is Malaysia's friend from econonmy, military and other relationship. Now, Malaysia and Turkey is improving our military power together...

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❤️ Love Turkey from Philippines 🇵🇭❤️🇹🇷

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We are proud of you Turkey.rashmoha from kenya

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I Love you Turkey ❣️ From Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷 😃

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Please help Malaysia build its own war ship.

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Gün gələr dövran dəyişər
Bu zülm bu cəhalət yox olub gedər!!!

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Love all Muslim countries and turkey from Pakistan 🇵🇰

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Love turkey from pakistan, love you kardes,

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Congratulations. Col Sardar Ahmed Yar Jung Khan Durrani Tamghae Imtiaz Military Ex candidate pk 41

Author — Ahmed Durrani


National Projects for the Turkish Naval Forces

- Istif Class Frigate (4 ship)
- TF 2000 Air Defense Destroyer (7 ship)
- TF 4500 Air Defense Frigate ( 6 ship)
- MİLDEN Submarine (10 submarine)
- Yeni Tip Class Submarine (6 submarine)
- TCG Ufuk İntelligence Ship (2 ship)
- TCG Anadolu LHD & TCG Trakya LHD Multi Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship (2 LHD)
- TCG Kızılelma Class National Aircraft Carrier (2 Aircraft Carrier)
- FAC 55 Missle Torpedo Boat (10 boat)
- MRTP 44, 45, 49 Missle Torpedo Boat (50+ boat)
- Gökdeniz Close-in weapon system
- Atmaca Anti Ship Missle
- Akya Heavy Torpedo
- Orka Light Torpedo
- Support and Supply Ship ( 8 ship)
- Landing Craft Tank ( 7 ship)
- TCG Bayraktar (L-402) & TCG Sancaktar Amphibious Warship (2 ship)
- ADA Class Corvette ( 4 ship)
- Alemdar-class submarine rescue mother ship (3 ship)
- Tuzla Class Boat ( 16 boat)
- STM OPV-2100 Offshore Patrol Ship ( 7 ship)
- STM OPV-1900 Offshore Patrol Ship ( 8 ship)
- Ares 85 Hercules Patrol Boat
- TS 1700 Submarine
- SNR 17 Patrol Boat
- GMK-C Unmanned Submarine
- Ares 125 FAMB Patrol Boat
- FAC Fast Assault Boat
- MTA Turkuaz & Oruç Reis Seismic Research Ship (2 ship)
- Aksungur Anti Submarine UAV
- Gezgin Cruise Missle
- Tufan Electromagnetic Canon
- Tork Defense Agains Torpido
- Hisar A, Hisar O & Siper Anti Aircraft Missle
- SOM & SOM-J Precision Guided Anti Ship Missle
- Aselsan Stamp Boat Weapon Base
- Işın & Alka Laser Gun
- Zaha Assault Amphibious Vehicle
- Meltem III Maritime patrol aircraft
- Ulaq Unmanned Missle Torpedo Boat

Author — Vahap Okutan


This is a very informative video. Good job!

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I wish Admiral Barbaros Hayreddin would have seen his fleet right now

Author — Kaiser Dal


MnsheAllah Great Video. Stay strong Turkey. A lot of loves and respect from Somalia 🇸🇴❤️🇹🇷.
Peace our planet’s

Author — Mr Pirate