6 principles of personal finance and budgeting for 2022

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Learning how to manage your personal finances and budgeting, independently of your specific financial situation, should definitely be one of your priorities this year; I mean, it should be one of your priorities your whole life, but if you haven't kickstarted the process yet, this year is as good a time as any to get more involved in the world of personal finance.

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I quit tracking my expenses three years ago because I thought I didn’t need it anymore, that I had it under control. But girl was I wrong. I recently started again and I eat my money. Like, the amount I spend on food is ridiculous. Time to shape up! Thanks for this! 🙏🏻

Author — Jzimmergren


2:10 - three goals:
* emergency fund
* budgeting/expanse tracking
* getting rid of debt
2:35 - the emergency fund: keep it stocked!
3:35 - expanse tracking: be mindful & analyse your spending habits.
* ask mindful questions about your spending
5:50 - budgeting rules of thumb

* prioritize spending
* big bill prevention
8:30 - different account for different goals
9:30 - taxes and financial calendar
10:35 - regular finance housekeeping: personal finance is a chore

Author — krzyś szymański


Every financial goal requires alot patience, dedication and consistent spirit knowing that Investing is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people’s lives, I know the problems for technology believers will end soon

Author — Pearl Heather


Personal finances is an art. Requires discipline and patience. Practice makes perfect. The moment you realize you can save money and reproduce it, it motivates you to do it again and again. Don’t overthink it!! Just do it

Author — The Foreigner in America


This reminds me how lucky I am to already as a student have an emergency fund, my spendings tracked and no debt

Author — macmaresa


I feel pretty lucky to already have a half decent emergency fund and no ‘bad’ debt so have really been focusing on savings and investment at this time and hope to build a greater than 20% savings rate! Great information!

Author — 30 Something - Personal Finance & Medicine


Being an accounting major has taught me a lot about money. I started my personal finance journey back in college and that's how I was able to save up for my emergency fund until I started working and I was able to build my stock portfolio. Years later and I now have a few real properties and even insurances. WIth personal finance you can definitely save up no matter how small you have at first.

Author — Juls97


You are amazing. I currently still live with my parents and they do all of the financing. But me and my boyfriend bought a house together and are moving in soon. So these are really good tips and tricks.

Author — Rowan Bergen


Enjoyed your video. I love saving and watching those savings stack up! And I agree, personal finance is a HUGE topic with lots of different ways to spend less and save more!

Author — Saving with Christina


If you won't use a sheet, use an app. There's plenty of apps out there for free. Some people get overwhelmed with a spreadsheet. You can categorise your spending and income and then export these figures as a spreadsheet.

Author — Jessica N.


Hi Mariana, love your video, I think the emergency fund is definitely the first step before starting any other investments

Author — Quentin MENAGER


Loved this tips!! Financial health is such an underrated life focus!

Author — Budget with T


I enjoyed every minute of this video. Excellent work! Although as you mentioned it is not easy to put everything Personal Finances in just one video.

Author — Tryphena Santamaría Thorne


Could you explain/make a video on how you make each category add automatically as you label them (13.55). This would be so helpful. Many thanks - Colleen

Author — Colleen Hudson


I like the idea of paying the bills close in due dates at the same time when paying before the due date to avoid forgetting. She said to pay on the 1st bill’s due date 👌🏾 Makes perfect sense. Thank you …



Love the video! How do you create a formula like the one on 4:40 which sums all the items on the same category?

Author — Bernardo Pérez


One of the best videos on your channel! Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Watch all that you have and all that you do is inspiring!

Author — Edna Hernandez


I just like writing down what I spend and then calculate what I have left for the month. I always make a spread a month with my (static) expenses and static income, which will determine my budget. I also include some "may be" future expenses. We have a caresystem where everyone has to have a care insurance, and there will always be a certain amount you will have to pay when you need care of a hospital, drug, special care, I just defide the max amount I might have to pay by 12, so I have it at least laying around for when the bill actually comes

Author — hmforall


This vid is exactly what I needed! Thanks for helping us with so many important aspects of our lives.

Author — Ana


Thank you that was very informative, and helpful <3
i alr started tracking my expenses very late since the day i started studying economics that changed a lot about how i deal with money ...

Author — THE_ALPHA