Afghanistan: Slain Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud's tomb vandalised | Latest World English News

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After a week of intense fighting, the Panjshir Valley has fallen to the Taliban. Watch this report to know more.

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The US appreciated Taliban’s handling of airport departures as “professional “.
I would not be surprised if US arms dealers see Taliban as potential customers.

Author — John Little


I've been to this place and it was one of the most beautiful things in Afghanistan. This shows how barbaric the Taliban are. And the civilized World is thinking about engaging with these terrorists? This is horrible.

Author — David K.


If you ever feel useless. Just remember: America spent 20 years, 2 trillion dollars, tens of thousands of innocent life to replace The Taliban with The Taliban

Author — Никарагуанский прочность


You can vandalise his tomb, but can never vandalise his legacy. It's here to stay!🙏🏼

Author — Seeker


Humanity has become a disgrace and full of insanity... prayers for everyone. The only thing seeming to do is survive.

Author — Kim Kurbitz


Whoever is reading this, God loves you. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” - John 3:16. Believe in Jesus.♥️

Author — imHis Sheep


It's a shame how the world just sits and watches... making behind-the back-deals with Taliban instead of supporting the true freedom-fighters. /:

Author — Leonid


So much for being "holy warriors", these Taliban can't even respect graves.

Author — Storm


It's just a stone....nothing significant. Massoud lives in our heart and our way to freedom from these ethno-fascists who have done everything shameless in the name of religion.

Author — Raheel Belal


Mark my words. Taliban will eventually fall by someway or the other. They will eventually perish by fighting among themselves. And beggars of Pakistan will mourn.

Author — DarkSoul


Praying for the protection of all the northern alliance

Author — Roberto Dotosme


Keeping its scenic beauty in mind, Panjshir is not less than Switzerland...it's simply paradise on earth ...
Vandalism of Ahmed shah masoud is not only the victory of taliban, but also defeat of UN, US, UK and Other super powers

Author — Meghna Jakhar


They can bring down his tomb but not his legacy.

Author — denoop ramachandran


Those people don't have nothing good in their mind, just destruction. I think they don't even love their mothers. Those people is like a curse from past generations.

Author — Lili C


Hopefully Panjshir will be a Kiling Ground for the Talibans Destruction

Author — Oliver Sparks


God Bless, Afghan Freedom Fighters !!! God Bless, Massoud !!! Decimate the ruthless barbaric Talibs !!!

Author — Bien Cruz


Taliban hitting a new low... can't even let the dead be in peace. Hope the NRF gathers their strength back to drive away these barbarians.

Author — Nidhi


Don't get it wrong, Resistance leader Ahmad Massoud hasn't died, it's the tomb of late Ahmad Shah Massoud

Author — Ethan Gade


These Evil people believe they’ll go to heaven by doing Evil deeds!

Author — Milloyd


Why are nation/country not helping Panchir atleast help with humanitarian aides food supply & medical supplies

Author — rebecca Hmar