How Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 Drones Became an International Success

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Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 Drones have become an international success over the past couple of years notching up sales in Poland, Ukraine, Qatar, Azerbaijan and Morocco. Poland became its latest customer when Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced a contract on May 25 for 24 drones armed with anti-tank projectiles stating that they have proven themselves in wars. As Erdogan told reporters while announcing the Poland deal, "Turkey will for the first time in its history export drones to a NATO and EU member." There are currently a total of 180 Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) operating in four countries, including Turkey."

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Very effective in Ukraine at the moment … definitely a good investment for defence.

Author — Bond006.5


Bayraktar TB2 and the upcoming tb3, Anka, Akinci, and like one of the comments said their other military developments are amazing. TB2 is battle proven, affordable and deadly. Ukraine has only 20 of them and look what they're doing to Putin's forces.

Author — Rami El-Farra


Bayrakter tested in Ukraine now and they are very good, it would be nice to have more of them

Author — Lorenz F1


I think one of the most important points that are overlooked here is that the Turks, while producing unmanned aerial vehicles, have developed different technological warfare weapons that will protect them and blind them to radar systems, and they use them in a complicated way with unmanned aerial vehicles, the closest example of this we saw in the Karabakh War.

Author — ttaqua


Effective and cheap, plus after sale service. Great !

Author — sunee chunchua


Definitely, I think Bayraktar drones proved how deadly they were. Beside it comes with reasonable price tag and service as icing on the cake.

Author — Berna Elkami


Turkey has completely changed the future war scenarios, TB2 was game changer in Armenia-Azerbaijan war, fighter jets will have secondary role in future wars..

Author — Ryan


Turkish drones were used in real wars, other drones were only used in war magazines!the choice is yours.. :)

Author — kimimben99


Seems like Turkish drones are leading the whole market at moment, definitely showed its capability in the armenian vs azerbaijan war

Author — john adams


I am writing this at the fifth day of Russian - Ukranian war. According to coming videos (of course Ukranian propaganda has a role in this) Bayraktar TB-2 is really doing better that it is expected and damaging Russian forces in unexpectedly great way. This is a real war proof the success of this drone ınce again. I am always against war but as a Turkish engineer I am proud of these drones. I hope its technology will be better, i hope they will be never used to kill any people but preserve peace all around the world.

Peace at home, peace in the world!
I hope future will not bring us crying mothers who lost their kids in any war!

Author — Adem Yavuz Kaçar


I think that was the first and only time I ever saw the deployment of drones as a main (strategical) tool for winning a war-campaign - i.e: not as a "side-weapon" or even reconnaisance weapon just to acquire targets and then destroy them by another weapon-system, later, but as full fledged - active - main weapon system. On both occasions the Turkish military deployed them nd "turned the tide" just by using these. A quick "reminder" from History about Turkish Military capabilities (and traditions). Continue to under-estimate them at your own peril.

Author — 2serveand2protect


The success comes from the fact that it is battle proven.

Author — Juxtaposition


Poland bought Turkish drones at a good price. This was important to us. We finally paid our debt to Ludomil Rayski. He was a Polish who took refuge in the Ottoman Empire. After becoming an Ottoman citizen, he returned to his country. And when he was called up for military service, he returned and served as a pilot in the Dardanelles War. Then he served for the establishment of the Turkish air force. We never forget the good or bad done to us.

Author — Hüseyin Yıldırım


Turkey is making a good job by establishing a unmanned high tech military

Author — Jaecht80


Unmanned + low unit cost = greater risk tolerance. Able to take on higher risk sorties and accomplish more lucrative objectives.

Even if it’s shot down by the 10th sortie, 9 tactical victories to 1 tactical loss still equals a strategic victory. Plus you just buy another unit and use the same ground equipment.

Cost effective in capital and manpower.

Author — a rather small moose


Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 is try TB2 Bayraktar and we say is the best of the World.

Author — WOT Blitz Nubologiya


The TB2 is in my eyes the best Weapon in the hole World because he is the only Drohn that have Destroy more than 70 Airdefense systems.

Author — Motor sport wagen


Apart from the tb2, Turkey has many tactical and strategic mini-attack drones with observation and artificial intelligence. tb33 is a tactical drone, cheap, easy to produce, but with advanced artificial intelligence.The defense industry in Turkey competes, but by sharing every new technology they produce with each other, material gain is in the background with the spirit of patriotism. In Turkey, there are not only tb3, but also tactical strategic observation kamikaze and cheap and very expensive UAV systems capable of heavy air attack.

Author — adilo 33


ТБ2 это великолепный бпла, но все его преимущество в том что он отличен как дрон модуль. Его можно интегрировать в любые иные системы. Это глобальный дрон модуль. И 50 % его цены это программное обеспечение этого дрона.

Author — Ilham Mammedov


TB-2 didn't win success standalone. It's result of good intel + good planning + nice preparation + good electronical warfare + cost efficiency ..
Key point is "after sale service". That's why TB-2 is best of it's class.

Author — Tolga Atilla