April 23, 2021 • Texas Tornado Fest & Hail (FULL 30-Minute Version!)

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Full thirty minute recap of the several tornadoes from near Quanah to Vernon, TX on 4/23/2021. Video of large damaging hail as well.

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0:00 Intro
0:05 Storm begins near Childress, TX (Jason)
0:30 Storm matures with large rain-free base
1:17 Hail falling south of Quanah, TX
1:34 Storm base begins to rotate south of Quanah
3:14 First tornado briefly appears along roadside
3:25 Hail hits car as tornado fully condenses on left
4:21 Tornado touches down a third time briefly
5:00 Tornado touches down a fourth time
5:45 Tornado in rope-out stage for some time
7:39 New tornado develops with brief twin tornado in Lockett (Adam)
9:50 A look at the mesocyclone rotating
10:01 Tornado fully condenses and becomes high-contrast
12:35 Tornado hits structure, flying debris
13:42 View of this tornado from US-70 (Jason)
14:58 Time lapse of tornado approaching US-70 and roping out
15:19 New updraft base, gusty cross-winds south of Lockett
16:35 Vivid funnel cloud comes down close range, red dust flying
17:14 Dash-cam video of tornado crossing road and hitting structure
18:47 Dash-cam time lapse of tornado intercept
19:00 Second angle of tornado from due west (Adam)
19:47 Tornado roping out with rainbow (Jason)
23:56 Raw video, commentary of tornado and rainbow combo (Adam)
25:54 Tornado dissipates, bright rainbow (Jason)
26:18 Hail and rainbow on back-side of storm near Vernon and Oklaunion
29:44 Last bit of rotation in storm near Electra, TX
30:14 Outro

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Author — Владимир Цанько


The time lapse part when the storm was forming overhead was freaking dope

Author — RØBERŢ GØŤcher


There was a tornado headed for Cleveland
The reporter told everyone to go to
Browns Stadium
there hasn't been a touchdown there in15 years

Author — Charlene Torres


My throat tightens and my stomach sinks when I watch the real-time tornadic activity. I love chasing them, but they just chill me to the bone. Healthy respect for the weather. Stay safe out there!

Author — Michelle Lewis


Please be careful and stay safe. Love the vids.

Author — cjbette7


That’s beautiful, you and I severely disagree on beauty

Author — Clipper Guy Muto


What an absolute treat to be able to watch this on my lunch here in the UK! Thanks so much!
There's nothing I'd like to do more than get up in some incredible storms like this. Hopefully I can come explore the US, some day :-)

Author — Jenna Bowyer


The tornado rainbow was totally awesome and a first that I’ve seen! Wow!!

Author — Patsy Swann


Thanks for recording this stuff. I'm in Wisconsin and theres rarely anything here. I used to live in texas so this is awesome

Author — Fox Tashikata


How come you didn't get as close as those other guys? That tornado in the rainbow was awesome!!

Author — KatBot2


Wow that is awesome footage...never saw that before where a tornado makes up the other half of the rainbow

Author — Laurie LeBlanc


I am sitting in my comfy warm bed ( in 🇨🇦 ) and thanking the Lord we don’t get tornados in British Columbia. This is amazing to watch. Please stay safe.

Author — marleen


The sound of hail is a warning that its about to get pretty gnarly

Author — Michelle M


You have the best tornado videos on Youtube!! Love the footage!! Keep up the great work but be safe out there!

Author — Kelly Williams


Appreciate your guts.
Have you ever recorded anything beyond imagination ever?



That was a double rainbow and beautiful ❤

Author — Debbie Upton


You wont find me chasing those things. Omg. Interesting video indeed.

Author — brandon allen


Excellent Footage 🎥🌪 Money Shot 💵
Be safe out there 🙏

Author — Dee Wonders


What a stunning sight, hope you got some good shots of that ? Thank you for posting ..

Author — anni50ful


The clouds are so cute now it is raining outside even harder

Author — Charlayne Archambault