Impossible Moments in Sports

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Impossible Moments in Sports video with you. You will love this video of Golf, Football, NBA, Tennis and Volleyball.
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💬 Comments on the video

This quickly turned into very possible moments.

Author — Ben Vaun


It shows how deeply they are attached to their respective sport.

Author — Shubhank Shukla


Some people are not only incredibly talented, they work hard on their skills and perform what seems impossible. Stephan Curry and Tiger Woods come to mind right away. Both work incredibly hard in practice and alone as well.

Author — wannabe to wasabe


0:54 Best teammate in the history of the world. He jumped off the bench and was cheering way before the ball went in.

Author — Reggie The Commenter


1:10 Love the inevitable Evan Longoria clip, but right after that is the volleyball player going into the stands to keep the ball alive. I’m surprised that they allowed that! 😳

Author — crazyman8472


You would think by now people would realize the Longoria catch is 100% fake and was filmed for a commercial. Great job fact checking.

Author — Lewis Byng


I loved that you added volleyball in this compilation! More less popular sports need recognition, like cricket, dodgeball and badminton.

Author — StarTropicsKing


5:50 That man knows what he just did was impressive as hell. He deserves to feel proud for that.

Author — Zichi the Fox


Incredible performances! I just loved all the scenes shown. Just marvelous!

Author — Carmen A. Chairez


I swear every half court shot when the time ends is epic

Author — kay2kid


The tennis player at 5:50 was phenomenal!!! Some unbelievable moments throughout! Great video!

Author — Apollo 11


My dad was at the Kings game in-person at 0:53 and I was at home watching it on TV.

Goddamn I miss Tyreke Evans

Author — TayWoodz


The cross-court winning forehand from Williams is not "impossible." It happens fairly often, probably at least once every pro match.

Author — Celtic Orthodox Prayer


So, roughly 90% of these happen all the time. The Kobe dunk? While a fanastic dunk, it wasn't like it as the dunk to end all dunks. The one soccer goal? While I don't avidly watch soccer, even I know it was just an extremely nice shot. I have also seen the same thing more than once and 1 of those was at a high school soccer match. So definitely not an " impossible shot". You might want to reevaluate your idea of "impossible" because a lot of these are "very possible". I might even venture so far as to say "highly likely". The Dame shot was insane tho.

Author — Troy Travis


Damn I can't wait for my boy Murray to return! Wish he was playing this postseason!

Author — St. Mary's Finest


Para mi, desde pequeño (la vi en directo) la parada de higuita me pareció imprudente, innecesaria y fuera de lugar, a día de hoy haces esa parada en un mundial y seguramente sea el ultimo partido que juegues con tu selección, y con toda la razón del mundo.

Author — Elpay pay


Zlatan didn't score he just punished the ball 😅😅

Author — AAR


These basketball moments are not even close to being impossible. They are mostly just clutch.

Author — blaise rascoe


I am very surprised with the baseball one. Just wonder how he did know the ball was heading to where they were after the baseball was hit

Author — 벳남아리


if this included Roberto Clemente I would be proud.

Author — Elton Ray