Royal Gorge Route Railroad – Driver’s Eye View

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I would like to thank the friendly staff for making my visit a real pleasure and a special thank you to the locomotive crew for mounting my camera on the locomotive to make this video possible.
This video was filmed on 15th September 2017

At the request of some American viewers I should point out that 'Train Driver' is not the general term used to describe the person at the controls of the locomotive, whereas 'Engineer' is the accepted title in the USA, I sincerely hope my American viewers will forgive me for this oversight.

Interesting reading copied from comments made by Chris Ball -

The suspension bridge above is the famous Royal Gorge Bridge. It was built in the late 1920s at an estimated cost of $350,000. Most of its wooden planks burned in a large wildfire in 2013, but they've been replaced since. The smaller bridge you go over mid-trip is the lesser known Hanging Bridge. It was designed by C. Shallor Smith in the late 1870s, and cost approximately $11,870 to construct. It was originally 90% over water and 10% over land, but with modern day reinforcements to accommodate larger trains, the ratio is now about 50-50.

The wooden pipeline on the opposite side of the river was built using prison labour, it was constructed using California redwood, back in 1908, completed in 1910, it served as Cañon City's
main source of water until 1973. The pipeline stretches for 8 miles, and you can still see sections of pipeline that remain intact, over 110 years later. It's rather amazing!

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My dad has Alzheimer's and its hard to get him to watch anything but he loves these train journeys. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to upload them

Author — Neil Pountney


I've rafted the Gorge many times and waved at the trains passing by,  when I wasn't paddling madly. Seeing the river and the beautiful rocks again from this viewpoint is a rare treat. Thank you so very much.

Author — leleslie45


This is amazing. I ran into this at random, and am kicking myself that I never picked up on the virtual train / drive / hike, etc, niche before. I can see me watching a lot of these from now on! Just beautiful.

Author — SGT Paul


Tim, another of your very interesting views from your travels. I found this locomotive based camera view led to more reflection on the investment in hours and planning to make a railway/railroad through such a torturous & inhospitable place. Let alone the separate building of a wooden pipeline - wow. 'Make do & mend' taken to extremes. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing another stunner. Peter

Author — Peter Sketchley


This is so amazing it’s almost like the train came down from the heavens through the mountains I never thought railroads could exist inside the mountains this is awesome

Author — Glenn F Jenkins


Great video- I love trains and ride em all the time that I can. Sounds like an F series leader and I have ridden behind them often. I grew up beside the tracks of the Old Pensy in York Pa. and watched all the troop trains pass daily. Thanks for making my day.

Author — David Miller


Amazing scenery, the railroad, the images. Congratulations!

Author — Aloizio Barros


Eu curto muito trem, paisagem linda, parabéns pelo vídeo, abraços.

Author — Valdir Gallo


This is GREAT! I once belonged to the group that kept up the tracks between Waterville and Grand Rapids Ohio for the museum. I moved far away though. I miss it. Thanks for letting me tag along with you on this trip

Author — Janice Dodson


only 9:00 min into this video and I have to say it is freaking great! Thank you Tim!!!! My uncle was a train conductor back in the coal shoveling days.

Author — Eaglette


I love everything about a trip on a train, or a video of it. The sounds just draw me right into it. That vibration rattle is killing me!

Author — Tammie Thompson


One of the greatest cab ride videos ever, absolute must see. Excellent job man and thanks for sharing!

Author — dj earwig


I also wanted to add, I have a 'connection' to these awesome train videos, for my grandfather was a track engineer for the Wabash Railroad, from Moberly, MO. He was self-taught in all the intense mathematics one would need to know for designing and laying out track - Did that for over 25 years, then worked 20+ years as a design engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, designing locks and dams from Clinton, IA to St. Louis along the Mississippi. After that, he was VP of engineering for Weitz Construction (recently built the new airport in Denver) then was the VP of Delevan Manufacturing and invented the jet fuel spray nozzle that is virtually used in every jet engine in flight today! An amazing man. I'm but a *blip of what he was. Anyway, I am amazed and thoroughly entertained by your videos. thank you.

Author — Mike .R.


Fiz uma bela viagem internacional, e de trem! Um cenário magnífico, que deslumbra a cada momento. Rochedos que encantam os olhos! Valeu pela edição!

Author — Giovani Adolfo Oliveira


I rafted the Arkansas River years ago. Still one of my favorite memories. Thanks for this beautiful footage. 💟✌🙏

Author — Sheryl McNeill


Absolutely Gorgeous, I got chills when I saw the bridge, the last time I was there was in 1985, I hope to go again soon. I think I would have stopped the train to get out and touch the landscape. So Amazing. Great Video.

Author — Jessica Hicks


WOW. This scenery is literally amazing. I'm sad that I can never expect this view in my country :( I hope I can take this train someday in the future

Author — HS KIM


Thanks for posting this. A few years ago my daughter and I rode in the cab on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. It was a great experience.

Author — Ted Brogan


Just an amazing video!!! Even more amazing is the amount of structural and mechanical engineering and back-breaking labor that went in to making this rail line possible!!!

Author — Phillip Brocklesby


This is just travel bliss! I love it!

Author — FM0024