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Baby Arthur is just five months old. He has no way of knowing the treatment he is receiving in his right arm is the world's most costly medicine.

His devastating progressive disorder causes loss of muscle control.

But he has become one of the first patients to be treated on the NHS with Zolgensma, a gene therapy with a list price of Β£1.795m.

Around 40 children are born with the most severe form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) every year.

Untreated, they rarely live beyond two.

The NHS has negotiated a confidential discount which means dozens of infants can be treated each year with Zolgensma, which is manufactured by Novartis Gene Therapies.

Arthur, from south-east London, finds it difficult to move his arms and legs and cannot lift his head, so some permanent damage has already been done.

The hope is the one-off treatment will stabilise his condition and prevent further deterioration.

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This is wonderful news, having lost a son to this dreadful disease it is wonderful to hear all our years of fundraising were worth it. God Bless the little chap.

Author β€” Jill Welsh


Wow imagine calling your baby Arthur Morgan, his dad definitely played Red Dead Redemption 2.

Author β€” SimplySuperman69


*The definition of negligence is having information that could save lives but doing nothing with that information.*

Author β€” Zoe Owen


Just hate it when I come to hear about one story and get feed all sorts first.. yet heart warming to hear that he will get what he needs ..

Author β€” IQBAL PATEL


Awww Arthur's little cries break my ❀! Let this treatment go right to where it's supposed to & improve his condition way past all expectations!πŸ™β€πŸ™β€πŸ™

Author β€” rachael wyld stacey


I’d take that therapy; buy BlueEclipse by Patrick Joseph on Amazon and Kindle

Author β€” Seulpeo Jo


Exactly the way COVID-19 vaccine works, Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

Author β€” Mark Jennings


Come on Arthur! We are sending you love and all the science that will help you.

Author β€” Pixy Perfect


Brilliant, I was ready to dislike when I thought it meant covid lol

Author β€” AjoLFC


Bless his little heart. I hope he will be ok. Babies like him are innocents and should be protected. Well Done Mummy and Daddy xx

Author β€” roger robinson


I worked in gene cell therapy sites where they do these treatments, it’s cutting edge stuff

Author β€” JakkuWolf Insomnia


God please bless the baby and those trying to help him. πŸ™

Author β€” Jeanne C


Happy for you baby Arthur. ❀ Hope everyone that needs this treatment can afford this. πŸ™

Author β€” Read my ABOUT section PLEASE


❀Arthur amazing to hear the treatment will make you better πŸ‘

Author β€” Daniel_rdm


I can’t stand to see this poor little boy like that. I’m so happy to see him being treated. I wish I could help him.

Author β€” John mcdonald


The devaluation pressure of US $10 trillion is very huge. Because of the exchange rate, no country can save US dollar devaluation ! because how many country GDP = US 10 trIllion?

Author β€” jie li


Exactly the way covid 19 vaccine works!

Author β€” Manal


"An intenrionaal LIFE-SAVING therapy"??? Wanna re-think that???LOL

Author β€” Esmereldan Esmerelda


Be loyal to what matters Arthur Morgan ❀

Author β€” Max Allen


Good grief in 2019 zolgemsa was charging over 2 million per dose. That is an appalling example of profit taking.

Author β€” Kate Smiles