How I manage my personal finances as a minimalist.

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Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don't come from great performances but rather it's great promotions. Stay invested, diversification for streams of incomes is very important

Author — Williams Smith


I'm also a minimalist with my finaces; I have a minimal amount.

Author — Sam Witcombe


Basic personal finance:
✅ Don't spend money you don't have i.e. if you can't pay in cash you can't buy it
✅ Save a % of your income i.e. don't spend all you have
✅ Focus on making more money instead of living frugally
✅ Aim to have multiple sources of cash flow (at least 3)

Author — Sebastian Lopez


I wish more youtubers would share their personal finances like Matt does. I’m also opening a vanguard Roth IRA

Author — Alejandro Aguilar


Can we just take a moment and thank Matt for all the value you provided? Your videos are not only helpful, but really visually pleasing.

You inspired me to start my own video series on self development! I'm at 159 subscribers and hope to get big 🙏🏼

Author — Paul Ratiu


There are only three things in life that are certain - taxes, death and Matt D'Avella posting high quality videos.

Author — Mariana Kaiser


Getting to the point of debt free is one of the greatest accomplishments in your 20s. I'm close to paying off all of my high interest credit card debt and I have no other liabilities, really excited to have this burden taken off of my shoulders.

Author — Everything Options


Matt D’Avella is more educational in life than high school.

Author — Ross Sayre


"Don't let the fear of doing the WRONG thing, prevent you from doing ANYTHING"
if that doesn't sum up perfectionist procrastination mindset idk what does

Edit: Didn't realize how many people relate with this. Something that helps is knowing nothing is perfect, perfect is subjective to the individual, you're competing with your own standards. So just start, fail, learn, that's what perfection really is. Not nailing it in one shot.

Author — Luckykuku


I don't know why I keep watching these USA based finance videos when I live in a European country where we don't have things like college debt, 401k and credit scores.

Author — Álvaro N


A really good video, choosing a simple lifestyle has really helped me a lot. I dont buy what I don't need or what would keep me losing more money, spending less has given me more room for investing.

Author — Tion Wayne


Take it from Jay-Z, “if you can’t buy it twice, you can’t afford it”

Author — Gregório Kotzias


“Don’t let the fear doing the wrong thing prevent of you of doing anything”
Thank you for that Matt.

Author — Pedro Pulgar


Matt, it is good to see you talk about personal finance again. I feel that it is one of the most important subjects for a successful adult life and there's little to no formal education out there. It is also something I am very passionate about. Really happy to see how you are handling things and learn your perspective. Loved the video, as usual! Thanks for sharing.

Author — Justin V. Conroy - Financial Dad


A year ago, I saw your "Simple Steps to Financial Freedom" video. Since then, I've read a few personal finance books, started budgeting, opened up a 401k and now have more money in my bank account than I ever had before. Just wanted to say thank you for what you do. If it wasn't for me stumbling on your video, my spending habits would still probably be in pretty bad shape.

Author — Edi Felix


"Personal Finance for Dummies" literally changed the course of my life. If this book (a book!) is even available get it. From life insurance to investing to real estate... a great resource to start with. And Matt's video of course.

Author — NICK LIT


Hey Matt! Do you have or have you ever put together a suggested reading list?? I’d love to see some of the books you found to be most helpful along the way.

Author — Michael Miller


Matt, you've always been so transparent and seeing your financial transformation from having an overwhelming amount of debt to starting your own business and thriving is so inspiring. I think it's so responsible that you aren't rushing into buying a home as LA is crazy expensive. Thanks for the inspiration mate!

Author — Faisal Masood - Medical Student


Love your work Matt! Your simplicity is inspiring. Your work is great and you inspired me to start my own channel :)

Author — Business Madhouse


Recently I got into the youtube financial niche, and I’ve taken a deep dive into investing, particularly dividend growth investment as it interests me. Tried several methods trying to figure out the best approach to building my portfolio. So far, I’m making progress with the help of my financial advisor. Back to the video, wonderful job there, always look forward to your next content.

Author — Felix .C. Olofsson