Hilltop Hoods - Show Business (Official Video) ft. Eamon | Reaction

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check out thier video here

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Coming from a pre-rap era a lot of rap leaves me cold with banal themes and lyrics, easy rhymes and resorting to abusive expletives. However, everything I've heard from these guys lifts rap to an art form. And they are musical, pertinent and at times, funny.

Author — mrmockatoo


First one was Pressue then chorus was Eamon then Suffa was the one you said was almost singing.
Love Hilltop Hoods they are probably the most diverse rappers in what music they release. You ABSOLUTELY MUST hear some of their Hilltop Hoods Restrung with the symphony orchestra it is AMAZING!

Author — Samantha Harrison


Aussie hip hop is mostly positive and fun and the hill top hoods do it the best 🤙

Author — Sir Slaythelot


Mate I gotta say I've seen a few other reactions of other people. I appreciate you so much and your style. Keep being you my brother, it's a joy to watch.

Author — louis lynge


Somebody please request “Dynamic Hepnotics - Soul Kind of Feeling” Great Aussie band. Great vocals.

Author — B George


I LOVE that you're checking out all these Aussie artists and groups. The Hoods have been around forever and even I, who usually hates this type of music, enjoy them immensely.

Author — Renlish


The first guy was MC Pressure who is one of the two vocal members of Hilltop Hoods

Author — Rebecca Austin


Love me Some Hilltop Hoods. Seen them live twice absolutely incredible. The singer Eamon (he’s American) had a big hit back in 2004 called Fuck it (don’t want you back).

Author — Rachel Hart


Bro you love that up-beat sing-songy fun happy hip hop you gotta sus more Hoods. Love that you're loving it ❤️
Also.. waddup Eamon 😍🤣 remember Don't Want You Back, what a classic

Author — Big Drunk Hunter


Dude that's pressure, hilltop hoods are pressure, suffa and DJ debris 👍🏾

Author — Papa T-Bone


Hilltop hoods - the sentinel, will blow this dudes mind

Author — Rohpachi Zaraki


Chris request for Hilto hoods shredding the balloon it’s a awesome song 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Moppy G


No way would I have a clown like that either, so
Great song

Author — Holly Granger


Hahaha that was funny.
We call an idiot a clown!
Love the kids where not impressed & thought the clowns were as funny as a tooth ache n then bashed the creepy things! 😂🤡 haha

Author — Rachas🌠


Check out Jess Mauboy on her Boss Lady tour a few weeks ago! It's an audience video but her vocals are here 🔥🔥

Author — Quentin


The kids are running the show that’s what we tell you

Author — Blue Cloud Revelations


Has anyone suggested Frenzal Rhomb to you yet? I'd love to see a reaction to "Never had so much fun"

Author — V1NC3NZ0


good meditation on fame... hmnnn... if the source of your offering continues to be "listening", you won't go wrong... the great spirit - the muse - will use you as a joyful instrument of service.

Author — ravenseen


If only more hip-hop and rap was clever like this...

Author — Anthony Chapman


Exit sign and I love it are my favourite 2

Author — mark paweena