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Japan and Vietnam have signed a defence transfer deal amid worries about China's growing military influence in the region. Japan's Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi and his Vietnamese counterpart Phan Van Giang also planned to deepen defence ties through high‑level engagement and multilateral cooperation.

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Vietnam leader looks so happy to have a friendly relationship with Japan than with china

Author — Vishnu .j


Thing to note that Vietnam did not trust Russia or US, but went with Japan. Well done. 👍👏

Author — Hillol Bharadwaj


Well done Vietnam and Japan.
China is and has always been and will always be a “frog and the scorpion” scenario.

Author — Barry Julian Waldron


Well done Vietnam & Japan.
Making challenges to china.

Author — ghanshyam hemade


All the neighbouring countries of china should make a NATO like group

Author — Nishant Mishra


Really Japanese are bravest in Asia 💪..love from bharat🇮🇳

Author — Neelesh Pratap


Just like a certain facist dictator, Chyna is opening two battle fronts it could never handle.

Author — HALogen Zawgi


God Blessed Japan and Vietnam for signing a defence pact. an it would be wise to work out a defence pact with Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea and Malaysia. God Blessed the People of South East Asia.

Author — molgan herrera


Hello my beautiful Japanese people, many greetings to our friends from a German patriot!

Author — Heinrich Siggelkow


China are panicking. The world will never allow them to take over.

Author — U.S.A.F Colonel


Gday from Australia.. Yep India, Australia, Japan, Vietnam are all joining forces ..United we stand Where is South Korea??

Author — Richard Prat


Avoid all future purchases of made-in-china products. Let's all do our part and show what hundreds of thousands of youtube viewers can do.

Author — Samantha Barnes


This is a big deal as Japan is connected through the QUAD... Well done Vietnam

Author — Dave Bull


You are on the right track . Congratulations!

Author — Micaela Khumalo


China, please return the areas you occupied in the West Philippine Sea to the Filipino people. You are just an "SQUATTER" in the WPS.

Author — fe magallanes


Cryna's tears r rising the water level in the South Cryna Sea .. 😭😭😭😭😭

Author — Sanjay Sanj


I wish Japan just get away with their pacifist laws and build the same level of army it had before WW2.
PS : dear folks, this comment is not about world war 2 events, so please come out nostalgia.

Author — Parth


Vietnam can make Bicycles armed with EXOCETS. Pakistan makes bicycles with square wheels

Author — Chanah's Creative Edits


China is collapse now as like USSR.
Hongkong problem, Taiwan problem, japan problem, Tibet problem, ladakh problem, south China sea problem, inner states itself need to eparate it seems, Vietnam problem, Quad problem, US is main issue for china🙄

Author — 20BTCE005-Hariprasath. A


Glad that most nations are now explicitly taking a stand against this bully.

Author — ben mead