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What does it cost to live in Turkey?
In this episode we explain what it costs to live in Turkey using the current exchange rates (note: exchange rates are always subject to change).
With more and more people considering moving to Turkey (on a permanently or temporary basis), we thought we would show you what the estimated costs of living are!
This episode gives you an insight into supermarket shopping, utility bills, health care, internet, house rental and vehicles.
The monthly minimum wage in Turkey is approximately £250/$350 which is 2,826 Turkish lira, which makes the cost of living incredibly expensive if your only source of income is Turkish lira at the moment!!
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YouTube'de Türkçe altyazıları seçebilirsiniz 🙋‍♀️🤠

Author — Mick and Trudie


It's a good question: " How Turkish people live with only 3000 Turkish liras?"

Author — Gökhan Yildiz


Başbakanın ve milletvekillerinin yapmadığı hesaplamayı elin yabancısının yapması. Yazıklar Olsun ne hale geldik...

Author — Samet A.


We, Turkish teens always looking for a way working in UK, Germoney or other economically developed countries but old people from these countries want to live in Turkey, lets make a deal, we come your country, you came ours

Author — Hasan ÖZ


The only thing better in Turkey compared to UK is healthcare, weather and food :)

Author — Bumbala rides MTB


As a retired Brit living in Turkey, with my own home and a modest pension income, I must agree with the question - How does the average Turk survive on about 3, 500 lira per month?
Most working Turks rent their homes, have children, electricity, water, food bills and Mobile phones. I doubt I could live on that but so many do. Most of their shopping is done at the local bazars and diet seems to consist mainly of bread, fruit and veg, since meat, as you mention, is relatively expensive.
I have never attempted to quantify my monthly expenses, but enjoying a tipple, cigarettes, and being a car owner, I am sure it is well in excess of the average turkish income.
This has been compounded in the last couple of years by the lack of work opportunities related to the drop in tourism due to Covid. It hurts to see so many struggling.

Author — TheBoabby50


Türkiye sadece turistlere ve kazancını döviz olarak kazananlara cennet 😢

Author — turkceyeevet


Prices still seem in line with when my wife and i used to visit Turkey every year in the late 90s. My one lasting memory on costs was in the restaurants all the "tourist" restaurants were nice, and at the time about £10 a head. We then found a "local" restaurant which was down a backstreet in what seemed to be someone's front garden, just Formica tables, full of local people eating. You just got the set menu, no choice but varied from day to day. It was by far the best food we found and even with drinks was only a couple of quid each. We always just left £10 for the two of us each visit, the owners loved us and kept trying to give us money back but i always said its the best food we could find please spend it on your grandkids as that would make us happy. Lovely country and lovely people TY for the videos and memories :)

Author — richard watts


Yabancılar için bilgilendirici bizler için üzücü bir video olmuş kral eline sağlık

Author — A K O


I am from Singapore and was blessed to have visited Turkey before covid struck. I will definitely want to live there for half a year every year when I retire. Singapore is just too expensive.

Author — Naharudin Shariff


*"And yet many Turkish people only earn around 3k Turkish Lira. How they manage to live on that sort of wage I really don't know."* :(

Author — Rifat Altınkaşik


"3000 liraya nasil yasayabiliyorlar gercekten bilmiyorum " adam kayis atacakti nerdeyse.

Author — ahmet dogruer


Migros is one of the most expensive supermarkets in Turkey. Products sold there has a satisfactory quality, though. Chain markets such as Bim, A101 and Şok relatively serves lower prices. They have trading strategy like Aldi, Lidl markets in EU.

Author — ilker kilic


dedem yaa, sana bile pahalı geliyorsa ölmüşüz toprak atanımız yok

Author — Akaslan


Butter is healthy (natural animal fat) and margarine(processed chemicals) is not. That's why margarine is cheaper.

Author — sana ne


I like that you emphasised that many Turks are really struggling at the moment

Author — plonss


Brilliant the cost and quality of life in Turkey compared to the Uk, no comparison. The price of being able to live an out door lifestyle compared to the Uk Priceless !!

Author — Slackers


I live in an apartment. I'm paying £ 2.5 for the elevator and light's costs.

Author — Descended From True


"Kanada' ya Göç" referansıyla geldik 😂

Author — Gözde ŞENTÜRK


I don't know actually what is going on in this world, but the food prices have gone up so much in the last 10 to 20 years. I talk to my family in US and they also complain about food prices in US. They say that even before pandemic they stopped going to the movies as the ticket prices became unaffordable. The visit to doctor expensive. University fee for kids ridiculous. And remember they are in high paying IT jobs and if they are struggling then you can imagine how minimum wage workers manage.

Author — Adnan Kirmani