The Economy Of SWITZERLAND, Unraveling Swiss Economy

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Economy of Switzerland is a post-industrial, highly ‘service-driven’, ‘free-market’ powered by chocolates, cheese, watches and Swiss Banks.

While Swiss people don’t flaunt their wealth, the country is often in the economic news as one of the richest in the world, and with one of the highest GDP per capita of over US $80,000.

With its unique national history and location, Switzerland has earned itself a stellar reputation in International Finance. There is more to Switzerland than luxury watch brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, and premium chocolate brands like LINDT and TOBLERONE.

Whether it comes to the high-value services, OR, trains roaming in the high altitudes carrying tourists, OR, exports of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, OR, its notorious banks protecting your hard-earned or not so hard-earned money, Switzerland, offers TRUST like no other, making itself a financial powerhouse.

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Everyone: WE GO TO WAR!
The Swiss: We'll count the money.

Author — Урош Раца


How does Switzerland stay so wealthy? Minding their own damn business.

Author — Kevin Miller


Wealth isn’t stored in a safe place. Loot is!

Author — Costa


ask an Indian about swiss. and in all possibility he will know the Swiss bank rather than Swiss chocolates. thanks to the politicians

Author — the doctor chants 00


Once the legend said, "trust is the most expensive thing in world, cheap people can't offord it".

Author — K 9


Swiss does not grow cocoa but make the most gain from Cocoa.

Author — odia david


The actual answer : entire world's stolen black money is protected by Swiss banks

Author — Yogendra Bhati


If you're from South Asia, the term "Swiss Bank Account" won't sound alien. Literally the best deal for corrupt politicians and their dynastic politics. Best part? If they get caught, the Swiss get to keep the moolah

Author — ShaNa


Switzerland is the 'Bravos' in Game of Thrones

Author — Enzhou Zutzut


In short Switzerland is the "The Iron Bank" of the world!!

Author — Kiran Kadambari


Nazis: hide our money
Switzerland: ok
Germany (1946)- where's our money
Switzerland: what money?

Author — Matthew Hill


The truth is nobody knows how much money is being secretly laundered in the Swiss banks. Having the trust of the richest oligarchs in the world is enough!

Author — Leo


When dealing with Swiss banks keep in mind that the digit 7 it read as 1.
This typo cost me money !!!

Author — bilo Z


"spend little" doesn't work for most countries though. It lead Japan into deflation and stagnation.

Author — grrttr


Having visited Geneva I found it was very expensive.

Author — Ninety Nine


Disagree with the neutrality part, an obvious omission of early Swiss history.

Of course, what you say about the boom of banking as a result of wars and confidentiality is true. But you cannot just grab one point and bash.

Author — Jason yu


If there is an Alien invasion, Switzerland will be the only nation left...🤣🤣

Author — Immanuel George


The gap in Toblerone are to split a piece of chocolate off the rest.

Author — Sarah Ouma


The YouTube algorithm must be made by Swiss because this is right on the money! Liked and subscribed mate!

Author — Marc Sierra


Wow i want to margaret to that country in life I just love everything about this project

Author — Nathaniel ISHAKU MAFWIL