Israel 'Spy Tourists' Freed By Turkey But What Was The Price Erdogan Extracted From Naftali Bennett?

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The Turkish President reportedly sought public gratitude from Israel in exchange for the release of an Israeli couple held in Istanbul. Israeli couple, Natali and Mordy Oknin, were detained in Istanbul on November 7 for photographing the presidential palace. Now reports are emerging that their release was secured after Erdogan sought a public expression of gratitude from the Israeli leadership
According to a report, the Turkish leader was particularly interested in getting appreciative calls from the Israeli PM and President.
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💬 Comments on the video

This is very bad for Turkey tourist economy, If you can get arrested for taking a picture of a palace then better to visit a more friendly country.

Author — New York


Definition of spy tourist in other countries - A person who actually spies in a foreign country in the disguise of a tourist

Definition of a spy tourist in Turkey - A person who clicks photos of the presidential palace 🤦

Author — Ashalatareddy Reddy


A spy wouldn't take photo from a tourist spot as thousands of pics from that view would already be available on the internet .
That's the stupidest shit I've heard in a while.

Author — PaperRoman


Let's hope Mosad is not behind Erdogan's poor health. 😂



Due to their growing hostile attitude and radicalization many people I know have called off their travel plans recently. It's becoming a dangerous place for international tourists day by day.

Author — Milan Satpathy


Pakistan: detain Indian wing commander.

India: prepare for war.
A single Indian soldiers is more important than entire people of Pakistan.

Author — War Beast


Turkey should be aware of the fact that diplomatic relations are not built on hostages and blackmailing.

Author — sumit rathod


if a person takes pictures of a palace how can u call them a spies

Author — stelvin s douglas


It is now really sad that Turkey needs such disrespectful behavior just to be able to contact other countries.

Author — Alper Öztürk


In this modern times with highly technological developments , who wants to take pictures for espionage , when they can get different types shots from diffrent locations, , now tourists will be scared to visit turkey

Author — 0 0


Taking pictures of the presidential palace is spying ?? Rediculous charge .

Author — Peet Fourie


Thanks 🙏 to the ISRAEL GOVERNMENT officials for all their hard work.



It's A Good Gesture From P.M Erdogan To Release This Couple Really Appreciated 👏👏 And Please Indians And Pakistanis Stop Fighting In Comment Box 👊

Author — Agnostic Atheist


Roots of ottoman empire are that weak started shaking 🙂

Author — हिंदवीठाकूर❦


Okay so you arrest a tourist couple, blackmail another country for what?

Appreciative thank you for the world to see???

Erdogan has gone mad



Manipulate Israel ..?? 🤣🤣🤣 in his dream

Author — SKIPPER 13


Strange. No one take photos ? Was it written on the wall of the palace that photography prohibited ?

Author — ragib sen


Imagine a world without boundaries and no politicians?

Author — Prashant Tayshetye


Respect for Israel increased more from this incident. And respect for Turkey’s President all time low, this is a begger tactic, a sloppy abduction by the state to get a phone call from the Prime Minster of Israel. 😳😳😳

Author — singh jasbeer


He's smart he knows that his country will no longer exist if he tries to act smart

Author — clear body