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The Quran tells us that the Bani Isra'il will rise to power and fall twice, the second time being the final opportunity for this tribe to do good and treat humanity well, but if they turn to evil and corruption and harm innocent people then Allah will indeed punish them, and remove them from the position of power they were once in.

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πŸ’¬ Comments on the video

Who's here after being traumatised of what's happening rn in palestine? Subhanallah. Verily the word of Allah is true.

Author β€” Rauff's Grand daughter


The end is near and Israel will suffer for every crime they have committed against humanity. Inn Sha Allah

Author β€” Shaan Haider


The scariest thing is that this video is more than a year old.
Allah knows best what's gonna happen.

Author β€” Rumman Akhtar


Last night israeli army attacked the masjid al aqsa
i am really anxious and about to cry seeing all this happening. Ya allah please please protect our palestini brothers and sisters. Ameen

Author β€” lmao


I am a revert muslim.. and i was an atheist my whole life.. i never believed what's written in the Quran nor the prophet saw words.. i became a muslim and then i realized all what's written in the holy Quran and all the words of the prophet saw is what's happening now exactly as it is subhan Allah Qiyamah is near..πŸ€²πŸ’”πŸ’” Ya Allah have mercy on us..

Author β€” Queen Sajida


I'm not a Muslim but even if I'm not religious if someone does bad and only follows wealth at the end of days they will pay for theyr greed.
God bless Palestinians

Author β€” Bogdan bog


it CANT be a coincidence a lot of us finding this video in our recommendation Ya Allah indeed the end and ur help is near Forgive us and have Mercy on us and Make us among the victories in this world and in Akhira. Ameen πŸ™πŸ»

Author β€” bakugou katsuki


This is legit what's happening in Israel, the end is near .

Author β€” Hiba Ishrath Mohamed Niyas


Can everyone do dua for me to get a stronger faith I have just started reading my namaz again after 15 odd years and I have done a lot of bad in my life and now repenting inshallah I want to be in jannah sitting under a tree with our beloved prophet Mohammed s.a.w eating fruits and lisneing to there life stories

Author β€” habib rehman


To all young ones who feel we have time to change this is a reminder to each and everyone of us.. that the end is near. Lets us all come together in change.

Author β€” Taha Sheikh


"They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of the planners" let's not forget this!
Peace πŸ’œ

Author β€” Arif Uddin


I thought he is talking about the situation right now but then i realised this video was uploaded 1 year ago. Surely Allah knows everything ❀️❀️

Author β€” shark stain


It's time for Israel to get their punishment for the second time and last! Allahuakbar!

Author β€” OtaKuS _S


"How can I smile, How can I food taste good, l and drink taste good when masjid Al-aqsa is under crussaders" - salahuddin-ibn-al-ayyubi (R.A)

Author β€” mohomad aadil


1 year ago published.... and 1 year later recommended at the exact moment to prove it was true... the signs... 😰.... I’m freaked out...

Author β€” Dyna Rave


InshaAllah, may Allah make it possible for Turkey to raise the flag of Islam again in Masjid Al Aqsa.

Author β€” Azmi A


It’s the first time I cry for people I have never met like I do for beloved people like my family. I feel anger after hearing and seeing what’s happening in Palestina. I wish that InShaaAllah one day, in the nearest future they are free without fearing for life each and every second of their existence. Keep them in your Duaas in each and every dua you make. As long as they are not free nobody should feel free in this world.

Author β€” asli faaa


make prayer for me my brothers and sisters, i’m 16 i want to be a better muslim but find it so hard to pray most times may allah make it easy on me

Author β€” Real Dr1lla


May 12th, 2021 :
Watching this video after Israel entered Masjid Al-Aqsa. Let them rise and they will fall like others before. And verily, the words of Allah are the truth ! And verily, the words of Allah are the truth !
Witnessing surah Al-Israa right in front of my eyes, strengthen my iman and my love for Allah the One and Only, His prophets, His Books, His Angels, Destiny and the Day of Judgment !

Author β€” Lei La


I'm so glad of being part of those whom Allah have mercy upon on... I'm so happy to be a Muslim may Allah guide us all from evil

Author β€” mighty sas