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For the seventh year in a row countries around the world have spent record sums of money on weapons - even BEFORE Russia's war in Ukraine started. The biggest spenders were the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and Germany. Together they account for about two-thirds of global military expenditure. China’s military spending grew for the 27th consecutive year. But how is this new spending norm change nation's budgets for other sectors?

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Increased military spending is bad similarly to how a fever is “bad”. It can be damaging if it gets out of hand, but the actual issue is the disease your body is reacting to.

In this case, it is a worrying indicator because it points at growing risks. But it can still be the correct decision to take.

Author — eypandabear


2:25 Marksteiner is incorrect to assume that increased military spending inevitably means decreased government spending elsewhere. This is because the amount available for governments to spend depends on economic growth. If the economy is growing then overall spending can increase.
Additionally, military spending can itself lead to economic growth (e.g. via arms exports or the development of profitable new technologies).
It's generally more beneficial to citizens if governments spend money on improving Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure etc. but increased military spending doesn't necessarily have to significantly disadvantage the economy if it's managed correctly and realistically.

Author — TheShreester


Don't Know about others but India Spends around 1.5% of its GDP on its defence with the largest expenditure on Pensions and Salaries of Service personnel, Actual spending on Weapon Platforms is quite less compared from major countries like US and China. An Active Western border with Pakistan and a recently active Northern Border with China does not

Author — lovyrituraj


Russia may reduce some of its spending as it has been so dumb to base its high-tech weapons missiles, drones, and cruise missiles on components produced in the NATO countries which have sanctioned that kind of export.

Author — Bjørn Hjortshøj Andersen


Just because the United States spends more money on our military does not mean that our military is stronger. China has cheap labor and the spend less for their equipment .

Author — Adam Ben-Shimon


Increased military spending is NOT good, but it is necessary in the modern age.

Author — Gaamesso


Really good important informative video; Thank you!

Author — clavo


Increased military spending is also logical if you look at the price per weapon. The high end assets are nearly triple the price of a decade ago in corrected price. That means after you subtract the inflation and other natural price increases. This is why Russia and a lot of other countries can't keep up with the west. This is due to even the simplest weapons have grown in complexity and computer integration.

Author — Wally Wolf


Are these military spends normalised for purchasing power parity? A U.S. Dollar equivalent might purchase more in China, then it does in the U.S.A.

Author — JigOfTheDubGopher


What India and China are doing is more like catching up. What they had before was not really worth mentioning.
The spending of the US is simply insane.

Author — Sam Z.


Spending on arms made within the country is more acceptable than importing from other countries.

Author — RespectOthers


UA was ranked 6th in Europe (only after UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain, in that order) according to Global Firepower and 11th arms exporter in the World (thus strong military-industrial complex) according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. UA ground forces had cca3000 MBTs, cca2500 IFVs, another cca3500 armoured vehicles. Artillery included 500+ MLRSs, 1200+ selfpropelled artillery and 2200+ towed artillery. Air defence was organized in 4 air defence missile brigades and 7 (11 according to some sources) independent air defence missile regiments with 250 S-300PT/PS/V1 SAMs, 72 9K37 Buk SAMs, 100 9K330 Tor SAMs, 125 9K33 OSA-AKM SAMs, 150+ 9K35 Strela-10 SAMs, 70 2K22 Tunguska SPAAGMs, 300+ ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAAGs and hundreds of S-2/S-3 Strela, Igla, Piorun and Stinger MANPADS. UA Air Force had 145-188 modern combat aircrafts including 37-70 Mig-29s and 32 Su-27s fighter jets, 12 Su-24s and 17 Su-25s attack jets and 47 L-39s light attack/trainer jets. What happened? Why do they need donations from western partners of military hardware and ammunition?.

Author — Damir Sirotić


I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal...

Author — Kristin


Money spent isn’t the way to measure the rate of development... like China have a lot of cheap labor which means cheaper raw materials and cheaper research and manufacturing that’s why China is maybe even ahead of USA even tho they spend less

Author — Al G


He start's off with what he thinks is a major point lol it's called inflation every year needs to be higher then the last or your decreeing rapidly in strength.

Author — Jarrett Bobbett


The West needs to stockpile starting today more bombs, missiles, artillery and more submarines and surface ships. Eastern Europe in particular needs to shore up their air force as well. The US can only secure so much democratic space and has to contend with China and spread its forces globally.

Author — Nick


Both the growth in the world arms trade and the high proportion of world arms imports supplied by the U.S. appear to have been due largely to reliance on the United States as a source of arms by other rich, democratically-governed countries.

Source US Dept of State

Author — Charles Dignam


We’re “at war”. If not in name then in fact.

We didn’t start it, but we can’t lose it. We can’t encourage Ukraine to “leap”, and then not try to catch them. Arab spring we hardly “caught” any.

Author — Michael Parks


In a 1946 letter to a friend, the great physicist Albert Einstein said that:

"The discovery of the splitting of the atom has changed everything except man's way of thinking. Thus, we drift toward catastrophe beyond comprehension. We shall require an entirely new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive".

It take little time and effort to see that this new manner of thinking has not arisen. Man has learned nothing and forgotten nothing from the great wars of the Twentieth Century. Human society continues as before, with most people either unable or unwilling to consider just what the next twenty to thirty years- at the outside- will bring down on us all. At a time in our history when human activity threatens the very planet on which we live, we continue to emphasize armaments over real diplomacy. If people had the courage to isolate themselves long enough to ponder the direction in which we are headed, they'd be aghast at what's coming.

Instead, they leaders of the world continue the great game of "Supremacy" abroad, and the lesser game of "Faction" at home. And those who are led? Sports, fashion, Hollywood, who's screwing who; they focus on trivialities at the cost of remaining uninformed and out of touch. By and large, we as a people have no sense of history; instead, we live for the moment. This is going to cost us all- greatly.

Human beings want to be taught a lesson- and we're going to be. Conflicts over sources of energy have already begun. Conflicts over sources of fresh water are not ten years off, if that. Food will follow shortly. And hanging over us like the Sword of Damocles is Climate Change- an existential threat which, figuratively speaking, we're paying lip service to. The two greatest threats to our very existence are time, and the nature of the universe- but we are literally too preoccupied with pulling one another's chains to comprehend what's going on around us. We're on the verge- either outright or effectively- of destroying ourselves.

Author — ManilaJohn01


Mon is my favorite day of the week, I'm happy that this report came on a Monday. Residents of Asia & Africa should find the strength to abandon their military complex with a smile & rely on stick and stones.

Author — cat